[Paket B] Soal PAS BAHASA & SASTRA INGGRIS Kelas 10 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA/SMK

Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK. Soal ulangan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK Semester 1. Soal Ujian Semester Bah
Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK. Soal ulangan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK Semester 1. Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK. Paket Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK.

Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris yang akan kawan semua baca ini merupakan soal yang dibuat oleh MGMP Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kota Semarang. Jadi, kredibilitas dan kualitas soal ini tidak perlu ditanyakan lagi.

Selain itu, soal Ulangan akhir semester ganjil ini dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Harapannya, soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai bank soal, juga untuk melatih kawan-kawan pelajar, utamanya siswa kelas X SMA/MA/SMK Sederajat.
Berikut kami sajikan Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK beserta kunci jawabannya.
I.       Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi tanda silang (x)  pada salah satu huruf  A, B, C, D atau E pada lembar jawaban !
Answer the questions based on the text
A Trip to Mars
        By now, a rocket will have set off on its 35 million-mile trip to Mars and scientists must be waiting anxiously for the results. The rocket will be travelling for six months before it reaches the planet. It contains a number of scientific instruments, including a television camera. Any pictures that are taken will have to travel for three minutes before they reach the earth. If the pictures are successful, they may solve a number of problems about Mars and provide information about the markings on its surface which, nearly 100 years ago, the astronomers, Schiaparelli, thought to be canals.
        It will be a long time before any landing on Mars can be attempted. This will be only possible when scientists have learnt a lot more about the atmosphere that surrounds the planet. If a satellite can one day be put into orbit around Mars, scientists will be able to find out a great deal. An interesting suggestion for measuring the atmosphere around mars has been put forward.
        A rubber ball containing a radio transmitter could be dropped from the satellite so that it would fall towards the surface of the planet. The radio would signal the rate at which the ball was slowed down, and scientists would be able to calculate how dense the atmosphere is. It may even be possible to drop a capsule containing scientific instruments on the planet’s surface. Only when a great deal more information has been obtained, will it be possible to plan a manned trip to Mars.
(Taken from Developing Skills by Alexander, 1990:28)
1.        What must scientists learn about mars before anyone attempts to go there?
A.  The atmosphere that surrounds the planet.
B.  The radio signal to transmit any information.
C.  A satellite which is strong enough to reach the planet.
D.  A rubber ball containing radio transmitter to enable communication.
E.   A capsule that can carry oxygen, scientific instruments and scientists.
2.        What could be dropped from a satellite?
A.  A capsule.
B.  A rubber balls.
C.  A radio transmitter.
D.  Atmosphere canals.
E.   Scientific instruments.
3.        What would the ball contain?
A.  A rubber
B.  A capsule
C.  A radio transmitter
D.  A television camera
E.   A dense atmosphere
4.        How would scientists be able to calculate the density of the atmosphere?
A.  They used satellite around the orbit.
B.  They planned to land a manned trip.
C.  They have learnt the markings on its surface.
D.  They signaled the radio through a transmitter.
E.   They measured the rate at which the ball was slowed down.
The following forms are for questions
5.        What occasion is Mrs. Henderson’s class going to hold the field trip to Semarang Zoo?
A.    National “Love your Zoo Week!”
B.     National “Love your pet and Zoo!”
C.     International “Love your Pet Week!”
D.    National “Love your Animal Month!”
E.     International “Love your Zoo Month!”
6.        What ages are allowed to join this activity?
A.    1-4 years old
B.     1-6 years old
C.     6-10 years old
D.    6-12 years old
E.     12-15 years old

The following forms are for questions 11-14
11.    What is the best description of both Form A and Form B?
A.      Form B is used by a school, Form A is used by a company.
B.       Form A is used by a company, Form B is used by a hotel.
C.       Form A is used by a hotel, Form B is used by a company
D.      Form B is used by a hotel, Form A is used by a school.
E.       Both Form A and Form B are used by a company.
12.    Where can we find form A in our daily life?
A.      In a hotel
B.       In a school
C.       In an office
D.      In a company
E.       In a restaurant
13.    Form B is defined as ….
A.      a form to book a holiday or a vacation.
B.       a form supplied by a bank for a depositor to fill out.
C.       an educational stage, class, or grouping of pupils in a school.
D.      a written authorization from a buyer to acquire goods or services.
E.       a form to collect relevant and required information from an applicant.
14.    If I go to Bali, I need a rest. What form do I probably fill out?
A.      Neither Form A nor Form B
B.       Both Form A and Form B
C.       None of the forms
D.      Form B
E.       Form A
15.    You and your friends are on a trip to a beach in Banyuwangi. However, none of you knows about the route that beach. What will be your suggestion?
A.    I think we can go home now.
B.     What about going to a restaurant?
C.     You shouldn’t go to Banyuwangi.
D.    You should read the instruction more carefully.
E.     Maybe you can open Google Maps on your phone.
Answer the questions based on the dialogue
Stefany  : Are you going to go to the National University of Singapore?
Nicole    : I don’t think so.
Stefany  : Why? Have you been admitted to any other universities?
Nicole    : Yes, I have been admitted at Diponegoro University.
                 They offer me a scholarship program.
16.     What are Stefany and Nicole discussing?
A.    Where Nicole will go to school.
B.     Where Stefany will go to school.
C.     The National University of Singapore.
D.    Schools with scholarship programs.
E.     Who can get accepted to most schools?
The text Answer the questions based on the text

        Keith Campbell, a prominent biologist who worked on cloning Dolly, the sheep, died at 58, the University of Nottingham said Thursday. Campbell, who had worked on animal improvement and cloning since 1999, died October 5, 2012, University spokesman Tim Utton said. He did not specify the cause, only saying that Campbell had worked at the university until his death.
        He began researching animal cloning at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh in 1991. In 1996 the experiments led to the birth of Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell.
The sheep was named after the voluptuous singer Dolly Parton. Researchers at the time said that the sheep was created from a mammary gland cell and that Parton offered an excellent example.
        The creation of the sheep captured the public imagination and instantly became a scientific sensation. The experiments drew not only admiration but also anger from some who raised questions about the ethics of cloning. Animal rights activists were outraged, while the church of England expressed reservations. Dolly was put down in Z6O: after she developed a lung disease. Campbell's interest in cellular growth dated back to his college days studying microbiology in London. 
17.    Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
A.    Campbell never felt leaving for the university.
B.     Campbell stopped working because of his sickness.
C.     Campbell focused his research dealing with humans.
D.    Campbell started researching animal cloning as his experiments.
E.     Campbell focused his research not only on animal experiments.
18.    Why did the experiments not draw admiration perfectly?
A.    Animal rights activists were outraged.
B.     The public imagination became a scientific sensation.
C.      Some people felt dissatisfied with the experiment results.
D.    Some people were angry from their question about the ethics of cloning.
E.     The experiments did not show the representative results of cloning ethics.
19.    Why was the sheep named after Dolly Parton?
A.    The researchers admired her.
B.     She was a voluptuous singer.
C.     She was a very popular singer.
D.    The mammary gland cell was taken from her.
E.     She was the one who inspired the researchers.
20.     “Animal rights activists were outraged, while the church of England …. “
      The synonym of the underlined word is ….
A.    Sad
B.     angry
C.     happy
D.    anxious
E.     disappointed
21.    It’s cold. You ____ a cardigan.
A.    should be
B.     should wear
C.     should be worn
D.    should have worn
E.     should be wearing
22.    You should have told me this news sooner.
The fact is that ____.
A.    the speaker now knows the news.
B.     the speaker still doesn’t know the news.
C.     the speaker knows the news after he speaks.
D.    the speaker never knows the news.
E.     the speaker will know later.
23.    A : I want to lose weight.
B : _____.
Choose the best response.
A.    You shouldn’t sit so close to the TV.
B.     You should leave at two-thirty.
C.     You should do some exercise.
D.    You shouldn’t stay up so late.
E.     You should stay in bed.
Answer the questions based on the dialogue
Simon   : Hi, Hanna! What is your plan for the year-end holiday?
Hanna   : Hi, Simon! Well, we will go to Paris.
Simon   : Paris wow I envy you it will become a perfect holiday for you.
Hanna   : I hope so, Simon. This is our first time to go there, so we are very excited about it.
Simon   : I hope one day I can go there, too. I want to see the Eiffel Tower.
Hanna   : I will be visiting the Eiffel Tower on the last day of the year.
Simon   : Well, enjoy your holiday. Don’t forget to bring me something, OK?
Hanna   : Of course I will.  _____________________for our families and friends before we go back home.
Simon :  Thank you, Hanna.
25.    Of course, I will.  … for our families and friends before we go back home.
The correct utterance to complete the blank space is ….
A.    We buy some souvenirs
B.     We will buy some souvenirs
C.     We will be buying some souvenirs
D.    We will have bought some souvenirs
E.     We will have been buying some souvenirs.

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