[PAKET B] Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2 SMA/MA/SMK beserta Kunci Jawaban


Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris merupakan salah satu mata pelajaran peminatan yang diajarkan di sekolah. Pelajaran ini merupakan pelajaran yang mendampingi mata pelajaran Bahasa inggris itu sendiri.

Adanya pelajaran Bahasa dan Sastra inggris ini adalah sebagai sarana untuk menambah wawasan siswa tentang Bahasa Inggris di dunia sekolah, maupun dunia kerja kemudian.
Pada postingan kali ini, kami akan membagikan satu paket Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris untuk kelas XI SMA/SMK/MA sederajat.

Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2 SMA/MA/SMK beserta Kunci Jawaban

Soal ini dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban, jadi kita bias belajar dan melatih diri untuk mengetahui kemampuan pelajaran Bahasa dan Sastra inggris yang kita miliki.

Jangan kawatir, kurikulum yang digunakan dalam Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra ini merupakan kurikulum terbaru, yakni Kurikulum 2013 atau K13.

Untuk lebih lengkapnya, silakan perhatikan 25 Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris di bawah ini!
Mata Pelajaran            : Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
Kelas/ Program           : XI/MIPA, IPS
Hari, Tanggal              :  Februari 2021
Waktu                         :  60 menit
Jumlah soal                 : 25 Soal Pilihan ganda dengan kunci jawaban.

Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi tanda silang (X) pada salah satu pada salah satu huruf jawaban A, B, C, D atau E pada lembar jawaban!

1.      What is the banner about?
A.    Soccer tournament
B.     The registration of soccer team
C.     WCSC Soccer
D.    The nation’s most exciting experience
E.     World badminton championship.
2.      How long will the event be held?
A.    One day
B.     Two days
C.    Three days
D.    A week
E.     Two weeks
3.      Who are the target members of the banner?
A.    Anyone
B.     WCSC members
C.     Football players
D.    Soccer team
E.     Students.

4.      What is the genre of the text?
A.    Notice
B.     Banner
C.     Label
D.    Announcement
E.     Logo
5.  "Enjoy the freedom of learning English ..." Synonym of the underlined word is ....
A.    Inability
B.     Difficulty
C.    Liberty
D.    Equality
E.     Capacity
6.      Based on the text above, how to learn English online for free?
A.    You need to watch the Youtube channel
B.     You need to subscribe the Youtube channel
C.     You should download the E-book
D.    You must subscribe the website
E.     You can visit www.iTapuih.com

7.      What is the purpose of the Pamphlet? To….
A.    Open a new Restaurant
B.     Launch a new Pizza House
C.     Publish a best service
D.    Inform a dinner package
E.     Promote Pizza House
Ann     : Hello.
Tom     : Hi Ann, It’s Tom. How is it going?
Ann     : Pretty good, thanks. How about you?
Tom     : I’m fine. Hey is Nick there?
Ann     : Yes, hold on. I‘ll get him. Nick! Tom’s on the phone
Nick    : Hi Tom, what’s up?
Tom     : Not much. Are you up for going fishing this weekend?
Nick    : Wow, hang on a second. Let me check with my wife to make sure I can go. Last time, she told me she wanted us to pay a visit her grandma this weekend.
Tom     : Okay.
Nick    : Okay, my wife has given the green light!
Tom     : Great, we will pick you up at 7 tomorrow morning.
8.      What likely happens on this weekend?
A.    Nick and Ann pay a visit her grandma.
B.     Nick picks Tom in the morning to go fishing.
C.     Nick takes his wife to go fishing.
D.    Ann goes to her grandma’s houses.
E.     Tom and Nick go fishing.
9.      “my wife has given the green light! What is the meaning of the bold expression?
A.    Ann allows Nicks to go with his friend
B.     Ann minds Tom’s plans
C.     Ann forbids Nick to go fishing
D.    Anna disagrees with Tom’s going fishing plan
E.     Anna dislikes the idea of taking Nick out on weekend.
10.  Wow, hang on a second. Which expression is the most suitable to replace the bold expression?
A.    Would you wait for me, okay?
B.     Can you just wait for me?
C.     Do you mind waiting for me a minute?
D.    Will you wait?
E.     Wait a minute
11.  Which statement is true?
A.    Pay 30$ you can get 1 regular pasta
B.     Pay 50$ you can get 3 cold drinks
C.    Pizza made by skilled pizza baker
D.    Amazing launch set available for four hour
E.     Call 1900 86 3030 to order pizza
12.  What is the pamphlet about?
A.    An institution
B.     A hotel
C.     A university
D.    An event
E.     A product
13.  What is purpose of the text?
A.    To promote an institution
B.     To persuade the reads to come to the event
C.     To advertise a group band
D.    To persuade the readers to register in the university.
E.     To persuade the readers to choose the professor.

14.  From the text, we can conclude that …
A.    There are two kinds of performance held in the event
B.     It is held at Espresso & Agha’s Families.
C.     It will be held for two days
D.    There are three guest stars in the live performance
E.     The visitors should buy a ticket to join the event.
15.  Proceed go to …..
The underlined word has similar meaning with …
A.    Carry out
B.     Finish
C.     Happen
D.    Stay
E.     Return
16.  The text is offering us …
A.    Catering service
B.     Event organizer
C.    Wedding packages
D.    A stay at a hotel
E.     Sports club membership
17.  Which of the following service is excluded?
A.    Meal
B.     Drink
C.     Decorations
D.    One night stay in the Bride house
E.     Sports club membership
18.  Complimentary Sports Club membership... The closest meaning with the underlined word is ..
A.    Free
B.     Complete
C.     Obligatory
D.    Optional
E.     Customized

19.  What we can learn from the brochure?
A.    It advertises a school
B.     It is addressed to students at elementary and high school
C.     It is a vacancy for tutors
D.    It doesn’t include the address of the institution
E.     It shows the prices of the service
20.  The institution shows the best result in the following subjects except …
A.    Math
B.     Science
C.    Economics
D.    English
E.     Technology Information and Communication
21.  From the brochure, we know that …
A.    There will be a test once a week.
B.     The tutors come once a week
C.     The test report will be displayed on the board.
D.    The test will be sent via WhatsApp
E.     Elementary school students can only take three subjects.
22.  “ We provide highly qualified HOME TUTORS at your residence, all classes, and all subjects.”
The underlined word has similar meaning to …
A.    Office
B.     Neighbourhood
C.     Village
D.    Hometown
E.     House

23.  Why should someone choose Out to Asia?

  1. It offers varied travel packaged
  2. It has a good safety record
  3. Its packages are all-inclusive
  4. It gives the lowest price
  5. Students like it than any other

 24.  How can you find out how well it serves travelers?

  1. Talk to former Out to Asia traveler
  2. Call the Association of World Travel Organization
  3. Order the catalog
  4. Send the catalog to the students
  5. Call the Customer service

25.  From the brochure we can find out that  Travelindo …
A.    The most reputable member of Association of World Travel Organization
B.     Has  47 years experience in sending students study abroad.
C.     Will give more dollar to the participants.
D.    Offers  volume discounts.
E.     Will give the students catalog


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