[PAKET A] Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2 SMA/MA/SMK beserta Kunci Jawaban

Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris merupakan salah satu mata pelajaran peminatan yang diajarkan di sekolah. Pelajaran ini merupakan pelajaran yang mendampingi mata pelajaran Bahasa inggris itu sendiri.

Adanya pelajaran Bahasa dan Sastra inggris ini adalah sebagai sarana untuk menambah wawasan siswa tentang Bahasa Inggris di dunia sekolah, maupun dunia kerja kemudian.
Pada postingan kali ini, kami akan membagikan satu paket Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris untuk kelas XI SMA/SMK/MA sederajat.

Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2 SMA/MA/SMK beserta Kunci Jawaban

Soal ini dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban, jadi kita bias belajar dan melatih diri untuk mengetahui kemampuan pelajaran Bahasa dan Sastra inggris yang kita miliki.

Jangan kawatir, kurikulum yang digunakan dalam Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra ini merupakan kurikulum terbaru, yakni Kurikulum 2013 atau K13.

Untuk lebih lengkapnya, silakan perhatikan 25 Soal PHT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris di bawah ini!
Mata Pelajaran            : Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
Kelas/ Program           : XI/MIPA, IPS
Hari, Tanggal              :    Februari 2021
Waktu                         :    90 menit
Jumlah soal                 : 25 Soal Pilihan ganda dengan kunci jawaban.

Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi tanda silang (X) pada salah satu pada salah satu huruf jawaban A, B, C, D atau E pada lembar jawaban!

What is the topic of the poster?
A.    Safety
B.     Art
C.    Environment
D.    Sport
E.     Health
2.       What is the meaning of the message in the poster?
A.    We have to be careful to step
B.     We have to live carelessly to destruct environment
C.     We have to watch our step
D.    We have to watch our step to destruct environment
E.     We have to live carefully to prevent global warming
3.      The word ‘you’ in the poster, refers to…
A.    Readers
B.     Writer
C.     Poster maker
D.    Government
E.     Children
Robert : Good morning. Robert Smith speaking.
Gerard : Good morning. This is Gerhard Maier. I would like to speak to Mr. Brown.
Robert : Oh, sorry. Mr. Brown is not here, yet.
Gerard : Can you tell me when he will be in?
Robert : Probably around 4 pm.
Gerard : Alright, I will call again later then. Thank you.
Robert : You’re welcome. Bye.
Gerard : Bye.
4.      When does this dialogue likely happen?
A.    At home
B.     In the train
C.    In the office
D.    On the plane
E.     In the canteen
5.      Why does Gerard call?
A.    He wants to see Mr. Brown
B.     He wants to talk to Robert
C.     He wants to call Robert later
D.    He wants to know if Mr. Brown is in.
E.     He wants to speak to Mr. Brown
6.      Which statement is true?
A.    Gerard will meet Mr Brown in the afternoon
B.     Mr Brown will be back before 4 pm.
C.    Gerard will call again later.
D.    Mr. Brown is out to see Gerard.
E.     Mr Brown will call Gerard back.
Helen: Midtown Computer Solutions, Helen speaking.? 7______
Ryan: Hello, this is Ryan Bardos. May I speak with Natalie Jones, please?
Helen: One moment please. 8______
Helen: Mr. Bardos? I'm sorry, Natalie's in a meeting at the moment. 9_______
Ryan: Yes, could you ask her to call me back as soon as possible? It's pretty urgent.
Helen: Of course. Does she have your number?
Ryan: She has my office number, but let me also give you my cell - it's 472-555-8901.
Helen: Let me read that back to you - 472-555-8901.
Ryan: That's right.
Helen: And 10______
Ryan: B as in Boston - A - R - D as in dog - O - S as in September
Helen: Okay, Mr. Bardos. I'll give her the message.
Ryan: Thanks a lot. Bye
A.    How can I help you?
B.     Can I speak to you?
C.     Can I know you?
D.    What can I do to know you?
E.     May I know you?
A.    I’ll talk to her
B.     I'll put you through.
C.     I’ll make her speak to you
D.    I’ll ask her to pick your call
E.     I’ll try to reach her.
A.    Can you take a message?
B.     Can I leave a message?
C.     Would you like to take a message?
D.    How can I leave a message?
E.     Would you like to leave a message?
A.    What is the spelling of your last name?
B.     Tell me your last name
C.    Could you spell your last name for me?
D.    Can you tell your name?
E.     How can you spell your name?
Mrs Ida : I’d like to book a flight to Hongkong, please.
Nisa       : Which airline would you like to take?
Mrs Ida : Which is the cheapest?
Nisa      : Well, when do you want to travel?
Mrs Ida : On May 1
Nisa       : Would you like a return ticket?
Mrs Ida : Yes. I’m coming back on the 9th.
Nisa      : Let me see KHJ Airline cost $ 288 and JKL Airline costs $293. Both are economic class.
Mrs Ida : I choose JKL Airline. Just one seat.
Nisa       : Alright Madam. May I know your name, please?
Mrs Ida : I’m IDA RIANA.
Nisa       : Your phone number and email please.
Mrs Ida : 082554667212. My email is idariana@gmail.com
Nisa       : Thank you, Ma’am. We would like to send you the confirmation
11.  What is the topic of the dialogue?
A.    Making arrangement
B.     Booking a table at a restaurant
C.     Booking a room for one person
D.    Booking a flight
E.     Making reservation of hotel room
12.  How many days will Mrs. Ida be in abroad?
A.    One day
B.     Three days
C.    Eight days
D.    Ten days
E.     A week
13.  What can we learn from the dialogue?
A.    Mrs. Ida prefers JLK to KHJ Airline.
B.     Mrs. Ida will go to Hongkong with her family.
C.     Mrs. Ida chooses the cheapest flight.
D.    Mrs. Ida does not reserve a return ticket
E.     Mrs. Ida will take a business class of the flight.
Adam  : Hello?
Randy : Hello, Adam. Are you free on Thursday?
Adam  : Sorry, Randy. I have a plan with my father, but I’m free on Friday.
Randy : Let me see. I’ve got a plan on Friday, but I can postpone it. Jason and I would like to go the   orphanage. You told me that you wanted to go there.
Adam  : I’d love to go there. Why don’t we just pay a visit together there? What time will you go there?
Randy : Great. Would 4 pm suit you?
Adam  : Yes, that suits me.
Randy : Okay, come to my house. We go there together.
14.  What is the dialogue about?
A.    Postponing visiting orphanage
B.     Making a plan with father
C.     Handling  complaint
D.    Making a reservation
E.     Making  an appointment
15.  When will they meet?
A.    On Thursday at 4 p.m
B.     On Thursday at 4 a.m
C.    On Friday at 4  p.m
D.    On Friday at 4 a.m
E.     On Friday at 4 o’clock
16.  From the dialogue we learn that …
A.    Adam has a plan with his father on Friday
B.     Randy postpones his Friday’s plan.
C.     Adam dislike the idea of visiting orphanage
D.    Adam joins with Randy and Jason to visit the orphanage.
E.     Randy told Adam that he wanted to go the orphanage.
Woman: Heires Hotel, can I help you?
Man     : I’d like to book a small conference room for the morning of the 30th of July.
Woman: For how many people?
Man     : About twenty.
Woman: Alright, Sir. Telsa Conference Room will be available on that day. It is located on the second floor. Who I am speaking to?
Man     : I’m Robby Green from Commonwealth Company.
17.  What is the dialogue about?
A.    Booking a table in Heiress Hotel
B.     Making appointment
C.     Conference meeting
D.    Commonwealth Company
E.     Room reservation
18.  What can we conclude from the dialogue?
A.    The man makes appointment to meet the woman.
B.     The man will spend nights in heiress Hotel.
C.    The man will hold a conference at Heiress Hotel.
D.    The man books some rooms for his big Family
E.     The man asks about the availability of the conference room in the hotel.
Lina     : Hello?
Andini : Yes. Who’s this?
Lina     : It’s Lina here. Is Tya in?
Andini : No, she just stepped out for a moment. She went shopping with our mother. Can I take a  message?
Lina     : Yes, thanks. Could you ask her to meet me at the 13 Cinema at 7 p.m. tonight? Ratih and I will wait for her in front of the ticket box.
Andini : Sure. Just let me write that down. Anything else?
Lina     : No, thanks. Have a good day.
19.  Who is Andini?
A.    Tya’s mother
B.     Tya’s sister
C.     Tya’s friend
D.    Tya’s classmate
E.     Tya’s roommate
20.   From the dialogue, we know that ….
A.    Lina wants to meet Andini at the cinema
B.     Lina wait for Andini in front of the ticket box
C.    Tya wasn’t at home when Lina called
D.    Andini left a message to Tya
E.     Andini will meet Ratih and Lina when Tya arrives.
Man                 : Hello, this is Arya speaking. Can I speak to Dian, please?
Woman            : Hi Arya. This is Diana here.
Man                 : Oh hello, Diana. Can you meet me at four this afternoon?
Woman            : ________
21.  What is the best response to reply?
A.    I’m calling about our assignment.
B.     Sure. I can come to your house today.
C.     Okay, thanks. I’ll back later.
D.    Sure. Let me check on that.
E.     You have the wrong number.
Café Assistant : Omnia Cafe, how can I help you?
Alya                : Hello, do you have any availability for a birthday party of 6 at 7 p.m. on Friday?
Café Assistant : This Friday? Let me check. Um.. It looks like we don’t have at 7 p.m. There are  4 seats left for 4 people. The earliest we have is 8.30 p.m.
22.  How many persons are in Alya’s party.
A.    4
B.     5
C.    6
D.    7
E.     8
Tiara    : Hello, RM Telecom. Can I help you?
Jones   : Hello, this is Brandon Jones from Tesla Company. Can I speak to Mr. Matthew?
Tiara    : I’m really sorry he is busy right now. He is having a meeting at the moment.
Jones   : Oh okay. No problem. ________
23.  The most suitable expression is …
A.    Let me see if I am available
B.     Hold on please.
C.     I’ll call back later
D.    I’d like to speak to him now.
E.     Get me through him now.
Caller               : Hello. Is Mr Graham in the office?
Receptionist    : Yes, he is. May I know who’s calling?
Caller               : I am Evans from DT Foundation. May I speak to him?
Receptionist    : _______
Caller               : It’s okay. I understand
24.  Which one is the correct expression to fill the blank?
A.    One moment please. I’ll check if he is available
B.     Would you like me to tell him that you call?
C.     Would you hold the line please, I‘ll connect you to him.
D.    Hold on please. I’ll tell him that you call
E.     I’m sorry. I’m afraid he can’t answer your call now. He is busy now.
Oliver              : Hello. Good morning, I am Oliver from Queen Corporation. I would like to speak to HRD manager, please.
Receptionist    : I’m sorry. I am afraid HRD manager is not at the office at the moment. _______?
Oliver              : Please tell him to call me back.
25.  The most appropriate expression is ….
A.    Can you hold the line?
B.     Can you wait a moment?
C.    Can I write your message?
D.    Can I call you back? 
E.     Can you take a message?

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