[Paket B] Soal PAS BAHASA INGGRIS LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA/SMK


Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK. Soal ulangan akhir Semester Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK Semester 1. Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK. Paket Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa Inggris LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK.

Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT yang akan kawan semua baca ini merupakan soal yang dibuat oleh MGMP Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kota. Jadi, kredibilitas dan kualitas soal ini tidak perlu ditanyakan lagi.

Selain itu, soal Ulangan akhir semester ganjil ini dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Harapannya, soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai bank soal, juga untuk melatih kawan-kawan pelajar, utamanya siswa kelas X SMA/MA/SMK Sederajat.

[Paket B] Soal PAS BAHASA INGGRIS LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA/SMK

Berikut kami sajikan cuplikan Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK beserta kunci jawabannya.

Mata Pelajaran            :  Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT

Kelas / Semester          : XI LINAT/ Semester 1

Hari/Tanggal               : …………………./….November 2020

Program                       : IPA & IPS


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I. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi  tanda silang (x)  pada salah satu huruf jawaban a, b, c, d, atau e pada lembar jawaban !


Answer the question based on this text

Strange Animal

There was a place that the aunt knew where a lot of fruit grew. It was a place which was quite far away, and the boy did not like going there. Near this place there were caves and the boy had heard that a strange animal lived in these caves. One of his friends had seen this strange animal and had warned people about going near that place.

But the aunt insisted on sending the boy to pick fruit there, and so he went, his heart a cold stone of fear inside him. He found the trees and began to pick the fruit, but a little later he heard the sound of something in the bush beside him. He stopped his task and stood near the tree in case the strange animal should be coming.

Out of the bush came the strange animal. It was just as his friend had described it and the boy was very frightened. Quickly he took out the drum which he had brought with him and began to beat it. The strange animal stopped, looked at the boy in surprise, and began to dance.

Source: Short Stories: For Creative Language Classroom. Vol 1

1.     How is the characteristic of the boy’s aunt?

A.   Fierce

B.   Kind

C.   Wise

D.   Bossy

E.    gorgeous


2.     What had been seen by the boy’s friend in the caves?

A.   A strange animal

B.   A treasure

C.   A big fruit

D.   A big snake

E.    A monster


3.     What did the boy do when he saw the animal?

A.   He hid inside the cave

B.   He hit the animal until it died

C.   He ran quickly

D.   He put a stick and beat it

E.    He took out his drum and beat it


4.     From the story, we know that .  .  .  .

A.   The boy couldn’t find the trees

B.   The boy couldn’t beat the animal

C.   The boy wasn’t afraid of the monster

D.   The animal danced because of the drumbeat

E.    The animal wasn’t as strange as his friend told him

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5.     In text A, what is the most possible relationship between the writer and Mikhail? They are .  .  .  .

A.   Father and daughter

B.   Aunt and nephew

C.   Uncle and niece

D.   Brothers

E.    Sisters


6.     “ . . . . Mikhail for a full year carried himself as though he’d been petrified by a loud noise.”

The sentence above means that actually Mikhail was.  .  .  .

A.   frightened of himself

B.   unafraid of a noisy noise

C.   inconvenient for himself

D.   eager to have a silent situation

E.    uncertain of any environment


7.     In text B, why was Eugene accepted in all the prep schools he enrolled?

A.   He was very brainy

B.   He had applied to all of the prep school

C.   The schools were very proud of him

D.   His teachers told him about smartness

E.    A student of a regular school should be admitted


8.     “…so Eugene didn’t think it would be fair to ask her for anything.”

The sentence above means that .  .  .  .

A.   Eugene’ thought was fair to think that his mother was asked for anything

B.   Eugene was inquired to think that his mother was very fair for anything

C.   Eugene’s mother was asked to be fair to demand him anything

D.   Eugene had an opinion that his mother was asked to be fair of anything

E.    Eugene had an idea that it was excessive to demand his mother anything


9.     What refers to text A and text B?

A.   Text A tells that the mother died because of the flu and text B tells that the father died of the flu too

B.   Text A tells us about the writer’s own story whereas text B tells the story of the third person, Eugene

C.   Text A tells that the mother passed away when Petya was 11 whereas text B tells us Eugene finally studied in Choate

D.   Text A tells that Petra lost his father as his only protector whereas text B tells that got a list of prep schools from his teachers

E.    Text A tells that the writer said his prayer in the morning whereas text B tells that it was fair for Eugene to ask his mother for everything


10.  ‘He finally decided on Choate because only Choate had offered him a travel allowance.

The underlined word means. .  .  .

A.   a permission given by the authority to do travelling

B.   a license issued by the authority to do travelling

C.   a permit prearranged by government to travel

D.   a right honored for the travel accommodation

E.    a sum of money given for the transportation


Answer the question based on the text

‘In Country’ (Rabih Alameddine, Zoetrope)

I descended the stairs to the living room and master bedroom. I had a strong urge to touch everything, my hands sweeping over marble, mahogany, satin, and velvet. In the bedroom, I rubbed the wallpaper, my hand grazing the soft fabric in wide sweeps. I sat on the bed, caressed the pillow, lay my head down. I usually loved smelling the scents of my parents on their bed, but something here was peculiar. I smelled foreign cologne. I stood back up, looked around, and saw one of my father’s watches. It was his room all right.

I ran up the winding stairs, grabbed a washcloth from the bathroom, dropped my jeans, jumped onto my bed, and humped the soft fabric of the bedcover. Soft, rich, lush, it did not take long. I barely managed to cover my body with the washcloth.

11. Which of the followings refers to the text?

A.   The writer came into the bedroom first

B.   The living room was located on base floor

C.   The scents of the writer’s parents were on their bed

D.   The furniture in the living room was made of marble

E.    The writer’s bedroom was next to his parents’ bedroom


12. It can be concluded that the writer .  .  .  .

A.   was eager to take a bath

B.   got amazed at the house

C.   kept longing for the house

D.   got interested in the house

E.    wanted to get his father’s watch


13. “. I sat on the bed, caressed the pillow, lay my head down.”

The underlined word can be replaced with.  .  .  .

A.   sensed

B.   discerned

C.   embraced

D.   touched

E.    felt


14. “I had a strong urge to touch everything, …”

The sentence above can be rephrased as follows:

I  .  .  .  . to touch everything, …..

A.   had a great energy

B.   got a big potent

C.   was so amazed

D.   had great desire

E.    was so reluctant

15. Which one is not a response to someone asking for advice?

A.   I don’t think it’s a nice idea.

B.   You could enter talent shows.

C.   Audition for the school concert!

D.   Why don’t you join a local band?

E.    If I were you, I’d take singing lessons.

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Answer the question based on this text

Dream, Dream and Dream

Long, long time ago, there lived a girl called Lily. When she started going to school, she was a bit shy. All her class fellows bullied her for her shy behavior. If the teacher used to ask any questions, she would not answer because of her shy behavior. But she was a bright student and she knew all the answer instead.

Out of all the subjects, her favorite subject was sports. She always desired to be a football player in her school team. But the students used to make fun of her. However, she did not care what her classmates used to say as she determined and wanted to prove her friend that she could be the football player.

In the day, Lily attended her school and at night, she would practice football at her home. Seeing her determination, her mother installed some more lights to their garden so that her daughter could practice properly.

After practicing for long, finally, the day came when the selection for the inter-school for football competition was announced. Lily, without putting into a thought decided to go for it. Her classmates discouraged her and said, “Boo! You will not get select. Back off!” But Lily decided to ignore them this time.

As she began, everybody was stunned by her excellent performance. The judges were so impressed by her behavior that they not only selected Lily but they also made the captain of that tournament. Her classmates who used to bully her were silenced by her performance

Now, everybody wanted to become Lily’s friend as she had become the most popular girl in he school.

Taken from: http://www.bedtimeshortstories.com/dream-dream-dream


16. What lesson can we learn from the story?

A.   Struggling a lot will prove that we can be someone appreciated by others

B.   Practicing for a long time makes us discouraged to get our success

C.   Bullying surely makes us strong and be able to show our goodness

D.   Excellent performance always makes other people proud of us

E.    Ignoring other people is a good way to achieve our goal


17. What is the difference between paragraph 2 and paragraph 3?

The main idea in paragraph 2   .  .  .  . whereas in paragraph 3  .  .  .  .

A.   Lily was good at all the subjects though her friends disliked her – Lily studied her subjects hard during the day

B.   Lily wanted to be a football player as she liked sport – Lily practiced playing football, and her mother facilitated  the place

C.   Because of her shyness, Lily wanted to be a football player – Lily wanted to practice playing football with enough facility

D.   Bullied by her friends, Lily became a smart student – Lily’s mother furnished the garden for her daughter to practice playing football

E.    To prove that she could be a football player, Lily wanted to be a member of the team – Lily managed the time to get help from her mother


18. Finally, Lily’s friends stopped bullying her it is because.  .  .  .

A.   Lily had already become a cheerful student

B.   Lily was supposed to be the best student in her class

C.   Lily became a member of a football team in her school

D.   Lily’s captain football team helped her to do her best

E.    Lily became popular in her school for her performance


19. “However, she did not care what her classmates used to say about her.                       

The sentence means that she. .  .  what her classmates used to say about her

A.   revered

B.   ignored 

C.   admired

D.   inspected

E.    venerated


20. What’s the correct form of each verb in the gaps?


: Is Sammy here?


: No, he ___ (go) out.


: When exactly ___ (he / go) out?


: About ten minutes ago.


A. has gone // did he go

B. had gone // did he go

C. is going // is he going

D. was going // has he gone

E. has been going // has he been going


21. Study the following picture:

The correct response to complete the gap is ____

A.   breaks her leg.

B.   had broken her leg.

C.   is breaking her leg.

D.   was breaking her leg.

E.    has been breaking her leg.


22. Dre : Could you translate this French newspaper article for me?

                  I understood French when I was a child, but I ____ it all.

     Pam : Sure, I’d be glad to.

A.   forget

B.   am forgetting

C.   have forgotten

D.   had been forgetting

E.    have been forgetting


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23. Jane has to go to a meeting which begins at 10.30 o’clock. It will last about an hour.


Will you be free at 11.00? I want to take you to lunch at that new Javanese restaurant.


I’m afraid I’ll still be at the meeting.


How about 12?


Yes, 12 is fine. The meeting ____ by then

A.   had ended

B.   have ended

C.   will be ended

D.   will be ending

E.    will have ended

24. Molly:         I hope the weather’s OK when I’m on holiday next week.

Della:                 What ____ if it ____?

Molly:                  I have no idea. I’ve never been to Karimunjawa before.

A.   do you do // rains

B.   will you do // rains

C.   do you do // will rain

D.   do you do // is raining 

E.    will you do // will rain


This question is based on the following part of a poem entitled Pass the Peas, Please

25. What is the main concern of the poem?

A.   Love

B.   Control

C.   Manners

D.   Support

E.    Friendship

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