[Paket A] Soal PAS BAHASA INGGRIS LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA/SMK

Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK. Soal ulangan akhir Semester Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK Semester 1. Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK. Paket Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa Inggris LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK.

Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT yang akan kawan semua baca ini merupakan soal yang dibuat oleh MGMP Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kota. Jadi, kredibilitas dan kualitas soal ini tidak perlu ditanyakan lagi.

Selain itu, soal Ulangan akhir semester ganjil ini dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Harapannya, soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai bank soal, juga untuk melatih kawan-kawan pelajar, utamanya siswa kelas X SMA/MA/SMK Sederajat.
[Paket A] Soal PAS BAHASA INGGRIS LINTAS MINAT Kelas 11 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA/SMK beserta Kunci Jawaban
Berikut kami sajikan cuplikan Soal PAS Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT kelas 11 SMA/MA/SMK beserta kunci jawabannya.


Mata Pelajaran            :Bahasa  dan Sastra Inggris LINTAS MINAT

Kelas / Semester          : XI LINAT/ Semester 1

Hari/Tanggal               : …………………./….November 2020

Program                       : IPA & IPS



I. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi  tanda silang (x)  pada salah satu huruf jawaban a, b, c, d, atau e pada lembar jawaban !


Read the incomplete dialogue and decide the right tense

Roy     : I (lose) his job last month and since then I (be) out of work.

Dany   : Why you (lose) his job?

Roy     : I (be) very rude to Mr. Pitt, my boss

1.     What is the right tense of the bracketed word above?

A.   lost – was – did/lose – was

B.   lost – have been – did/lose – was

C.   have lost – was – have/lost – was

D.   lost – have been – did/lose – have been

E.    have lost – was –have/lost – have been

Read the incomplete dialogue and decide the right tense

Ganis   : What are all those people looking at? ­

Chezia : There (be) an accident.

Ganis   : You (see) what (happen)? ­

Chezia : Yes, a motorcycle (run) into a lorry.

2.     What tense that suits to the dialogue above

A.   was – did/see – happened – run

B.   was – have/been – has happened – run

C.   has been – did/see – happened – has run

D.   has been – did/see – had happened – ran

E.    has been – have/seen – has happened – ran


Answer the question based on this text

Dreams (by Langston Hughes)

Hold fast to dreams

For it dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly

            Hold fast to dreams

            For when dreams go

            Life is a barren field

            Frozen with snow


3.     What is the message of the poem?

A.   Dreams cannot die, but they can go

B.   A barren field can be frozen with snow

C.   A broken-winged bird surely cannot fly

D.   Though life is hard, we need to have hope

E.    Surrendering is the best way to face our life


4.     What does the bold word barren mean?

A.   fertile

B.   desolate

C.   abundant

D.   productive

E.    industrious


5.     Which of the following sentences is similar in meaning to the sentence below the picture?

A.   If Carl wins the race, he will run faster.

B.   If Carl will win the race, he runs faster.

C.   If Carl runs faster, he will win the race.

D.   If Carl will run faster, he will win the race.

E.    If Carl will win the race, he will run faster.


6.     Benny  : I don’t think I’m going to pass my driving test next month.

        Bill   : What ___ if you don’t?

        Benny   : I ___ the job I want. They said I must be able to drive.

A.   happens // didn’t get

B.   happened // won’t get

C.   will happen // didn’t get

D.   is happening // don’t get

E.    will happen // won’t get


7.     Johan          : The holiday will come soon. Where do you think you will spend it?

Roy                 : Well, yesterday my father suggested I go to Malang as the places are fascinating to visit. Besides that, I can visit my uncle there

Johan               : That’s a good suggestion. The weather is also beautiful. By the way, have you ever been there before?

Roy     : No. That’s why I want to enjoy my next holiday there.

Which is NOT Roy’s consideration to go to Malang?

A.   Roy has enjoyed going to Malang

B.   Malang has many attractive places

C.   Roy has never gone to Malang before

D.   Roy will have a chance to call on his uncle

E.    Roy’s father has suggested he go to Malang


8.     Jack            : It’s already 5 p.m. I do believe mother has been home. What do you think?

Sandra : I think so, Dad. She usually arrives at home at 4

Jack     : How about if we buy something to eat for our dinner?

Sandra             : I don’t think it is necessary for us too. I believe mother will have cooked for our dinner by the time we arrive home

Which of the followings refers to the dialogue?

A.   They are waiting for their mother

B.   They have bought their mother food

C.   They are having a talk in a restaurant

D.   They will have their dinner at home

E.    They will arrive home at 5 p.m.


9.     Brian          : What’s wrong with Harry?

Jenny   : He seems he is not well. I have suggested he see a doctor and not think about his

  test as he can take a remedial test next Thursday.

Brian   : That’s a great suggestion. Our teacher also told us those who do not take the test 

  this day can have it next Thursday.

Jenny   : Let’s take him to see a doctor and tell his parents to fetch him.

What can we learn from the dialogue?

A.   Harry took his remedial test the day before

B.   Brian and Jenny will take Harry to see a doctor

C.   Harry parents have already known that Harry is sick

D.   Harry is sick as he is not able to have this today’s test

E.    Brian has advised Harry to take his test next Thursday


10. Danny                    : When are we going to finish our assignment?

Christine                      : Next Friday after will be OK. We don’t need to go to school the following day. Besides, we are all free, right.

Danny                         : How about in my house? It is near for all, and if we have difficulty, we can ask my brother for help.

Christine          : OK. That’s a good idea

What determines their appointment?

A.   Danny’s house is the most comfortable for them to study

B.   They do not need to go to school next Friday

C.   They can get help from Danny’s brother

D.   They have free time next Friday morning

E.    Christine declines Danny’s suggestion


11. Father         : It’s already midnight. Don’t you feel tired?

Donny : No, Dad. I have to finish this assignment now for I have to compile it tomorrow

Father              : But you need to have a rest too. You should have been able to manage your time well. Next time do it long before the due time. OK?

Donny : Sure, dad. It’s my fault. But .  .  .  .  .

What is the most appropriate response to say next?

A.   How can you blame me if it is my fault?

B.   Please remind me if I have serious mistakes

C.   I will be all right though I don’t finish it tonight

D.   No one will take care of me unless I am all right

E.    If I don’t submit it tomorrow, my teacher will scold me


12. Tina            : Why don’t you wear your jacket? It is cold, isn’t it?

Hizkia  : No, It is not really cold for me

Tina     : Is it? Mind your health! We should be healthy during our going here

Hizkia  : Thanks for reminding me anyway but don’t be so worried, Tina.

        .  .  .  .  .  . .  .

What is the best response to say next?

A.   If I feel it is cold later, I will take it off

B.   I will use it when you ask me to again

C.   Surely I will if the weather is cold then

D.   Unless it is extremely cold, I will put it on

E.    I can wear it whenever it is necessary for me to


Answer the question based on this text


It was a sunny, spring day. Jason could not wait for Tasha to show him how to use his new inline skates. Jason had always wanted skates. He finally got them for his birthday. Now, he was ready for his first lesson. Jason and Tasha went to the park.

When they got to the park, they saw Michael. Michael raced by the slower skaters and made a face at them.” Show-off,” Jason said

Suddenly, Jason heard a loud crash on the other side of the park. “What was that?” asked Tasha

Michael limped around the corner. He was covered with twigs and leaves. I don’t think we have to worry about show-offs anymore,” Jason said with a mile

                                                Taken from: Spectrum test prep

13. What can we learn from the text?

A.   Jason wanted Tasha to teach him to apply his new skates

B.   Tasha initiated to give Jason a lesson on how to skate

C.   Tasha gave Jason a new skate in his birthday

D.   Jason was eager to teach Tasha to use his skates

E.    Jason had waited for Tasha in the park before she came


14. Based on the evidence, which of the followings is the most possible thing that might happen?

Michael.  .  .  .  .

A.   crashed a tree

B.   was run into by Jason

C.   slipped off the ground

D.   stumbled a root of a tree

E.    was hindered with a park bench


15. “Michael limped around the corner.”

The sentence means that Michael walked   .  .  .  .

A.   briskly

B.   calmly

C.   slowly

D.   lamely

E.    silently


16.  “I don’t think we have to worry about show-offs anymore,” Jason said with a mile.

The sentence above means that Jason.  . .  . Michael not to show off any longer

A.   asked

B.   begged

C.   ridiculed

D.   requested

E.    beseeched


17. Woman       :  Can you come back at 6.00? I ___ all my work by then.

Man                 :   All right.

A.   will finish

B.   had finished

C.   will be finishing

D.   will have finished

E.    am going to finish


Answer the question based on this text

I had no time to hate, because

(by Emily Dickinson)

I had no time to hate, because

The grave would hinder me

And life was not so simple I

Could finish enmity

Nor had I time to love, but since

Some industry must be,

The little toil of love, I thought

Was large enough for me

                     taken from : https://poetrysoup.com 

18. What is the theme of the poem?

A.   Life

B.   trust

C.   kindness

D.   loyalty

E.    enmity


19. What is the message of the poem above?

A.   Life is so simple to care about love and hate

B.   Don’t hate everyone though you have enmity

C.   We should love everyone with a great hostility

D.   Life is too costly to be filled with hatred and enmity

E.    Extremely disliking people who are almost dying is a mystery


Answer the question based on this text

Julian went into school with some pain in her neck and attended track practise after school. She was questioned by her friends about the band-aid on her neck. She finally shared the explanation for the band-aid that she had a biopsy. When she was at home, she decided to turn her phone. Countless texts, tweets, and well wishes, some from people she has never spoken a word to before, crammed the screen. She really appreciated everything, but she had kept everything about the situation between her family and friends, and now the entire school and beyond knew.


20. Which of the followings refers to the text above?

A.   Julian was sick because of AIDS she was suffering  from

B.   Julian refused to tell what illness she was suffering from

C.   Julian had biopsy because of the band on her neck

D.   Julian’s  school friends ignored what she was suffering from

E.    Julian got a lot of wish- texts from her friend through her cell-phone


21. “ …… and friends and now the entire school and beyond knew.

What does the sentence mean?

A.   Many people, as well as her school friends, have known her illness

B.   All students in the school must have known about Julian’s biopsy

C.   All the school subjects have been understood by the students

D.   All the students of the school knew Julian’s neck was banded 

E.    Very part of the school corners has been known by students


22. Hans           : Hi, Brian I tell you what!

Brian   : What are you going to tell me?

Hans    : There is a job vacancy of a driver and Paijo doesn’t have a proper job

Brian   : Hi, what’s wrong with Paijo and the vacancy?

       Do you want him to take this job?

Hans                : Sure, you know that he has been experienced in driving, and he has got his driving license.

Brian   : I believe …  Or let me tell him now.

What is a suitable expression to complete the dialogue?

A.   If Paijo has a proper job, he will leave the job

B.   Paijo will get the job unless he applies for the job

C.   If Paijo gets a driving licence, he will apply for the job

D.   If Paijo reads the job vacancy, he will apply the job

E.    Paijo will take the driving test unless he reads the job vacancy


Answer the question based on this text

If by chance you are a total beginner and haven’t yet learned the chords, I recommend you first spend a few days forming and playing each chord. Remember! It will take a few weeks if not a month before your fingers develop calluses, so you may experience a little pain. This pain can be minimized by pressing on the string only hard enough to make the note sound.

Most students that are beginners tend to press on the notes a lot harder than they need to, and therefore experience pain or fatigue after plating only for short while. I recommend if you are a total beginner to play in five or ten minute intervals with 20 minute rest periods. This will help your hand to acclimate to the guitar. It will also help you to know when you have practiced enough because during your 20-minute rest intervals you will feel how fatigued your hand really is
taken from: Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One

23. The text is pointed to  .  .  .  .  .

A.   Specific guitarists

B.   Professional guitarists

C.   The novice guitarists

D.   The makers of guitars

E.    All kinds of musicians


24. Based on the text above, what should the beginners do?

A.   press the notes long

B.   buy an expensive guitar

C.   practice with a musician

D.   form and play each cord

E.    play in more than 20 minutes


25. The writer’s recommendation says that if we are beginners, we need to play in 5 or 10-minute intervals with 20-minute rest periods

What is the purpose of it?

A.   to learn cords

B.   to make the note sound

C.   to make us feel the pain

D.   to avoid fatigue on our fingers

E.    to make our hand adjusted to the guitars

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