9 Contoh Dialog Singkat Bahasa Inggris dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari

9 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari

Pada postingan kali ini, kami akan menyampaikan contoh dialog atau percakapan bahasa inggris yang bisa kita temui dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Pengertian Dialog

Dialog merupakan kegiatan berbicara secara timbal balik yang dilakukan dua orang atau lebih. Dialog bisa dilakukan secara lisan atau melalui tulisan seperti chatting di grup sosial media dan sebagainya. Tujuan dari dialog adalah untuk berbagi kabar, informasi dan segala sesuatu yang lain. Lawan kata dialog adalah monolog.

Contoh Dialog bisa kita lihat dalam acara televisi. Berbicara dengan ayah dan ibu merupakan contoh dialog secara, Kick andy dengan tamunya, Mata Najwa dengan bintang tamu yang hadir merupakan contoh dialog yang ditayangkan di televisi. 

Contoh Dialog berbahasa Inggris

Pada Postingan kali ini, kami akan menyempaikan DIALOGUES

Contoh Dialog 1

A: “Hi, how are you doing?”

B: “I’m doing great. How about you?”

A: “Not too bad.”

B: “Do you come to this restaurant often?”

A: “I have been here a couple of times, but I don’t come on a regular basis. Well just when I have special occasion to celebrate.”

B: “Really? And what occasion are you up to now?”

A: “I’m having an anniversary dinner with my wife.”

B: “Congratulations! Send my regards to her.”

A: “Will do. What have you been up to?”

B: “Still managing my startup business.”

A: “I hope everything will be alright.”

B: “You too.”

9 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari

Contoh Dialog 2

Leika: “Hi Mom! Dad!”

Mom: “Hi, Leika! Come in! Let’s have lunch together.”

Leika: “Hey, there are a lot of things in the dining table. Are you going somewhere Mom, Dad?”

Dad: “We will go to your aunt Jane’s house.”

Leika: “Wow! That’s great! Are you sure?”

Mom: “Yes. Tomorrow is your aunt’s birthday. We are going to stay overnight at her house.”

Leika: “Should I pack my clothes?”

Mom: “Yes please, we will leave tonight at 7 pm.”

Dad: “Anyway Leika, have you buy something special for her?”

Leika: “No, not yet! I forgot that tomorrow is aunt’s birthday!”

Contoh Dialog 3

Yono: OMG! Rina, have you worked on your Mathematics homework?

Rina: Of course I have! Why? You haven’t?

Yono: I forgot! 

Rina: How come?!

Yono: I was so tired yesterday so, after school, I slept until morning. Do you think Miss Lisa will punish me?

Rina: Are you kidding? We still have 15 minutes before the break is over and Miss Lisa comes to our class. Do your homework, now!

Yono: Okay, okay! I’ll do it now.

Rina: You better get it done in 15 minutes, buddy!

Yono: I will!

Contoh Dialog 4

Wenny: Waiter!

Waiter: Yes, how can i help you, Ma’am?

Wenny: I want to order Javanese fried rice, chicken soup, and fried tempeh, please.

Waiter: Okay. Anything else?

Wenny: Oh, also one orange juice, please.

Waiter: Excellent choice, Ma’am! Please wait for a moment.

Wenny: Thank you!

Contoh Dialog 5

Nana: Hello, everyone! My name is Nana. I came from Tangerang and I am 17 years old. I love romance and action novels.

Gio: Hi, Nana! Nice to meet you.

Tia: Hi, Nana! Welcome to the book club!

Nana: Thanks, everyone. And thank you for letting me join this book club. How about you, guys?

Gio: I am Gio, I came from Bogor and I am 16 years old. I love comedy and horror novels.

Tia: Hi, Gio! Welcome to the book club! Anyway, my name is Tia and I am the organizer of this book club. I am 19 years old and I came from Depok. Nice to meet you, all!

Nana: Hi, Tia and Gio! Nice to meet you too.

Contoh Dialog 6

Maria: Hi, Alex! Good morning!

Alex: Oh, hi Maria! How was your weekend?

Maria: Fine, thanks. I went to my grandma’s house and we made BBQ for our whole family. How’s yours?

Alex: I got sick! Can you believe it? I had a fever during the weekend. But now I’m okay.

Maria: Oh, Alex, poor you. But thank God you’re okay now.

Alex: Thanks!

Contoh Dialog 7

Ulwan : Hello…

Rafi      : Hello…

Ulwan : My name is Ulwan. What’s your name?

Rafi     : My name is Rafi. Nice to meet you.

Ulwan : It’s a pleasure. This is a great event. Do you think so?

Rafi     : Yes, I do. By the way where are you from?

Ulwan : I’m from Depok.

Rafi     : Ooh Depok. I come from Kediri. Do you know Kediri before?

Ulwan : No, I don’t.

Rafi     : Kediri is about three hours from Surabaya.

Ulwan : Ok. Now  I already know Kediri from you. Thank you

Rafi     : You are welcome.

Contoh Dialog 8

Anhar : Dilan. This is my good friend from Jakarta, Milea

Dilan  : Hai, Nice to meet you

Milea : Nice to meet you.

Anhar : She was my Junior High School Friend in Village. Now she take her Senior High School in Jakarta

Dilan  : Oh, I see. Sometime when I go to Jakarta, can you accompany me to go around?

Milea  : With pleasure Dilan

Mei-Mei: Did you say you are going to take a vacation tomorrow?

Saleh      : Yes Mei-Mei. I’m going to Lombok for three days. I will stay at my friend’s house and she will take me around some place in Lombok

Mei-Mei: Wow, That’s great. I really envy to you. I wish someday I could go to Lombok.

Saleh     : Won’t you take a vacation this holiday?

Mei-mei: No. I must stay at home because my mother is sick. So I must take care for her.

Saleh     : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I will bring you a something from Lombok. By the way what do you want Mei-Mei?

Mei-Mei: Really Saleh?

Saleh     : Of course. Then what do you want?

Mei-Mei: You are so nice. Up to you Saleh. Many thanks for what will you bring for me.

Saleh     : Ok.

Contoh Dialog 9

Hana  : Hello, how are you?

Daniel: I’m good thanks. How are you?

Hana  : I’m good. So what are you going to do this weekend?

Daniel: Well. On Saturday I think I’m going to go to the gym because I haven’t been there for a while. And then I think I need to clean my house because I didn’t have time during the week, and it is a bit messy now. And in the evening, I think I’m going to have dinner with my friends.

Hana   : Are you going somewhere after dinner?

Daniel : I don’t think so. I really want to spend this weekend in a really relaxed way, so I don’t think I’m going anywhere after dinner.

Hana    : I see. How about Sunday?

Daniel : Well, Sunday, I’m not going to do anything in the morning. I really want to take -you know- a rest. And then I’m going to have lunch with my family cause I haven’t seen them for a while. And in the afternoon, there’s this movie I really want to see. So I’m going to the cinema with my friends.

Ani  : Budi, tell me about your day. What time do you wake up?

Budi: Well, let’s see. Every day I wake up before adzan subuh. Maybe about 4 o’clock. The first time that I must do is prayer subuh in Masjid. I always start my day by praying subuh. This is an obligation that should not be abandoned for me.

Ani   : Wow.

Budi : Yeah. Wherever and whenever I sleep, I must wake up for praying subuh, although sometimes I wake up late. Hmmm… How about you, Ani? When do you usually wake up?

Ani   : Well. So I wake up everyday at 4 o’clock. After praying subuh, I usually accompany my mother to go to the market to buy some ingredients for cooking in the morning.

Budi : Really?

Ani   : Yes. That is the women usually do.

Demikian 9 Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris dalam Kehidupan sehari-hari. Semoga bermanfaat

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