Soal [Paket B] PAT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas X SMA/MA/SMK Semester Genap

Pada postingan kali ini, kami akan membagikan contoh soal PAT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris kelas X SMA/SMK. Selengkapnya, silakan Perhatikan soal UAS Agama Katolik Semester Genap berikut ini.

Soal PAT Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Kelas X SMA/MA/SMK Semester Genap

Mata Pelajaran  : Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
Kelas/Program  : X / MIPA, IPS
Hari, Tanggal  : ...  
Waktu   : 

I. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberi tanda silang (X) pada salah satu huruf jawaban A, B, C, D, atau E pada lembar jawaban!

Read the text to answer the question below 
Acid and Bases

    Have you ever heard the terms acid and base? Acids and bases play important roles in your life. Acids and bases can be found in just about everything. Almost every liquid you see is either an acid or a base. The only liquid that is not an acid or a base is distilled water.
    An acid has more hydrogen ions. The word acid comes from the Latin word acidus, which means “sharp.” Acids usually have a sour taste. Examples of acids are lemon juice and vinegar. Most citrus fruits have a lot of acids, as do teas and yogurt. Not all acids can be eaten. Some of them can be very harmful. Some acids can burn holes in clothing or skin. These strong acids are used to produce dyes, plastic, fertilizers, and more.
    A base is a bitter-tasting chemical. Egg whites and ammonia are bases. Soap is also made from a base. Did you know that your blood is a base? There are many bases that can be eaten, but there are many that are very dangerous to touch, taste, or smell.
    Acids and bases are opposites. So when you mix them together, they can neutralize each other. Mixing them together takes a bit of potency away and makes them weaker. When there is too much of an acid, a base will be added to counteract the acidity. Gardeners are constantly working to get the right balance in the soil. If there is too much acid, plants won’t grow.

1. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Bases are the weakened form of acids.
B. Acids and bases should never be mixed together.
C. Acids and bases are both dangerous to your body.
D. Acids and bases can be found in just about everything.
E. Some acids can burn holes in anything but clothing or skin

2. “Mixing them together takes a bit of potency away and makes them weaker.”
The word” potency” above is closest in meaning to ….
A. understanding
B. influence
C. strength
D. speed
E. firm

3. What can we NOT infer about the development of young bustards?
A. Bustards aren’t safe from predators in the first year after birth.
B. Bustard chicks need to fly for protection against predators.
C. Chicks learn to fly before their ages are four months.
D. Chicks need the protection of older bustards.
E. Male Bustards can weigh eleven pounds

4. How much heavier is the male bustard than the female approximately?
A. about thirty pounds
B. about twenty pounds 
C. about twice as heavy
D. about four times as heavy 
E. about three times as heavy

5. Akhtar : How many cars are there in this city?
    Aqila : It is easy to say that there are too many cars. 
    Akhtar : But there are not enough parking places.
    Aqila : That’s why I don’t go to school by car. There is too much traffic, too many traffic lights, and it is _____ hard to find a parking place.
A. too
B. many
C. enough
D. much
E. to

6. Putra : What are we going to get on next? What about roller-coaster?
Putri : What is the minimum height for this roller-coaster? It’s 1,20m.
Putra : Peter is taller than 1.20m. He is tall _________ to get on it. 
Putri : Paul is shorter than 1.20m. He isn’t tall enough. He is short for this attraction. There are not many attractions for little children here.
A. too
B. many
C. enough
D. much
E. to

Syafiqa : How old are your daughters?
Raditya : Mariam just turned 18. 
Syafiqa : Oh, she is old enough to make her own decisions.
Raditya : Yes, but she isn’t confident enough to do it. She is too insecure. Jane is younger, she is 14 years old. She is very confident, but immature. She is stilltoo young.
7.  From the dialogue, we can conclude that ….
A. Jane is too old to make decisions.
B. Mariam is too old to feel insecure.
C. Jane is old enough to make decision.
D. Mariam isn’t old enough to feel secure.
E. Jane and Mariam are too confident to make decision.

 Adi : How was your holiday?
Ratna : It was terrible. The hotel was crowded and noisy, the room was small, and the walls were thin. I couldn’t get a rest because there were many teenagers making noises. The music was too loud. There wasn’t food at lunchtime and…
Adi : Eh, I think you make too much drama about it!
8. We learn from the dialogue that ….
A. Adi told too much drama to tell.
B. The hotel was loud enough to stay.
C. The holiday was too awful to spend.
D. The teenagers were too loud to sing.
E. The story was too impossible to be true. 

Read the text to answer the question below 
    Next week there will be a concert at Seven’s. Susan and Diana want to go but the tickets are too expensive. They have not got enough money.
    Yesterday Susan and Diana read a magazine in school library. In the magazine there was a puzzle which offered the winner free tickets for the concert. The readers just needed to make a phone call. Diana was brave enough to call and she won! When she put down the phone she was smiling, too much to speak! 
    For the next few days Susan and Diana are both tooexcited to think about anything except the concert.
9. What did Susan and Diana do after they read magazine?
A. They telephoned the magazine staff.
B. They went to the magazine agent.
C. They made contact the concert.
D. They saved their money. 
E. They bought tickets.

10. The underlined word “excited” is closest in meaning to ….
A. overwhelmed
B. exaggerated
C. energized
D. bored
E. tired

Read the text to answer the question below 
I love travelling.  I think the most interesting place in the world is China. The Great Wall of China is amazing. It’s longer than the coastline of Spain! The Forbidden City of Beijing isn’t as old the Alhambra, but with nearly 10,000 rooms it’s bigger. The Mogao Caves aren’t as famous as the caves in Lascaux, but the cave paintings   aremore   beautiful.   The only problem with China is that it’s too big. I’ve never had enough time to go everywhere. Perhaps I’ll go and live there when I’molder.
11. From the text we learn that the reader feels that ….
A. the cave paintings are too unfamiliar to see.
B. it takes too much time to go around China.
C. Forbidden City of Beijing is too small to visit.
D. there are too many problems in China.
E. s/he is too old to live in China.

12. How does the writer describe places in China?
A. S/he writes the description of China in details.
B. S/he describes some beautiful places in China.
C. S/ he compares them with similar places in other countries.
D. S/he writes her/his experiences in traveling in other countries.
E. S/he describes the comparison of Chinese’s towns and some places.

Read the text to answer the question below
One day, Sam was on his way home after playing games at school. He was feeling very happy as his team had won the football match. He passed by an orchard and he noticed a little girl playing by herself under a tree. Suddenly, Sam saw a black scorpion moving towards the little girl. He quickly grabbed a stone, hit the scorpion and killed it. The little girl started to cry, so Sam tried to comfort her. Then, he decided to take her home. The girl’s parents were happy to see their daughter safe. They thanked Sam for his help. Sam felt very happy as he had been able to do a good deed that day.
13. How did Sam kill the scorpion?
A. He beat the scorpion to death.
B. He burned the scorpion in the fire.
C. He stomped the scorpion to death. 
D. He hit the scorpion with a wooden stick
E. He hit the scorpion with a stone to death.

14. Which proverb is suitable with the text above?
A. Time is money.
B. Doing a good deed is happiness.
C. A man will be happy after doing deeds.
D. Do not be wise in words – be wise in deeds.
E. A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words.

Read the text to answer the question below
Control Your Temper
    This is Marion and Sheila. They are cousins. They are very close, and they talk to each other every day. They also play together.
    They go to the same school and they are in the same class. Their favorite subjects are English, Geography and Arts. In today’s Geography test, Marion’s grades are higher than Sheila’s. 
    Sheila feels envy and angry because of that. This way, she says hurtful words to her cousin Marion: ’’ You’re fool, you’re silly, I know much more geography than you, you are just lucky in this test’’. 
    Marion feels sad and hurt but she doesn’t say anything about the offenses she hears. She is Sheila’s cousin, she respects her, and she knows Sheila is acting like a fool because she feels angry because of her higher grades in the test. They are friends and family, and Marion wishes the best for her, so, she keeps silent and prays for her.
15. Which proverb is suitable with the text above?
A. A new broom sweeps clean
B. Better to be safe than sorry
C. One swallow does not make a summer
D. Do not answer a fool according to his folly.
E. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

16. What do you learn from this story? 
A. People get temper when they don’t like something.
B. People act none sense when they are mad.
C. Friends easily feel furious to others.
D. People are hard to forgive.
E. Family makes troubles.

Read the text to answer the question below 
Any : Dan, I have a question for you. I’ll treat you if you can answer it.
Dan  : Okay, what’s that?
Any : What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, and has a bed but never sleeps?
Dan :  Let me think first. Is it wind?
Any :  Sorry. Is there any other answer? 
Dan :  ….
17. What is the best answer of the riddle?
A. A cheetah 
B. A cloud 
C. A river
D. A wheel
E. A car

18.  “.....a head but never weeps, and has a bed but never sleeps?”
The word ‘weeps’above is closest in meaning to ….
A. talks     
B.  smiles
C. laughs
D. nods
E. cries 

Read the text to answer the question below 
Ari : I think we should have more holidays.
Seno : Why do you think so?
Ari : I’m still lack of sleeping because I spent my time working last holiday.
   You know what, you need more holidays too.
Seno : How come?
Ari : Because it’s already March.
Seno : I don’t get.
Ari : During what month people sleep the least?
Seno : Hahaha, you got me this time.

19. What is the topic of the conversation above?
A. The happiest month
B. The shortest month
C. The lazy friends
D. Less sleep
E. Holidays

20.  “I’m still lack of sleeping because ……….”
What is the synonym of the word lack in the text above?
A. need
B. increase
C. improve
D. enjoy
E. do

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