Latihan Soal (D) PAT Bahasa Inggris 10 SMA/SMK Semester Genap

  • Berdoalah sebelum mengerjakan Latihan Soal PAT ini.
  • Jumlah poin untuk lanjut ke sesi berikut adalah 7 poin.
Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan di bawah ini dengan memilih salah satu jawaban yang menurut anda paling benar!
1. These are the types of narrative text, except....
  A. Historical Fiction
  B. Advertising
  C. Folktales
  D. Fantasy
  E. Legend

2. The purpose of narrative text is to...

  A. Persuade thr reader that something is fun
  B. Entertain or to amuse the readers
  C. Retell what happen
  D. Report something
  E. Describe

The question for number 3-6
I have a close Freind. She is beautiful, attractive, and trendy. She always want to be a trend setter of the day. She always pays much attention on her appearance. Rencently, she bought a new boots from Blowfish shoes production.The shoes really suit her. Her new Blowfish women shoes are wonderful. When she walks with the shoes, all of her freinds, including me will watch and admire her that she has the most suitable shoes for her physical appearance. The style, bright color, and the brand represent her as a smart woman of the day. She really has a perfect appearance. She really likes the shoes. She said that the products covered all genders. The blowfish men’s shoes are as elegant as the women’s shoes. The products provide various choice from ballet, casual, until athletic shoes. Those shoes designed in atractive way. The products are international trader mark and become the hottest trend.
 3. The text above is an example of ..... text
  A. Descriptive
  B. News Item
  C. Argument
  D. Narrative
  E. Fable

 4. The text above descripbes about.....

  A. Shoes
  B. Friend
  C. Designer
  D. Products
  E. New sytlist

5. Oliver taught the children. The passive voice of the sentence is.....

  A. The children were taught by Oliver
  B. The child was thinking by Oliver
  C. The children thinking by Oliver
  D. The child was taught by Oliver
  E. I taught a child by Oliver

6. Victoria rode the brown horse. The Passive Voice of sentence is .......

  A. I was ride a horse
  B. The brown had ridden
  C. The brown horse was rode
  D. Victoria ridden the brown one
  E. The brown horse was ridden by Victoria

The question for number 7-8
I have recently lost my dog. He is a big, black and white dog, with a grey spot just above His left ear. He weighs 58 pounds and has black spots on his tongue. He is Chow and Shepred mix. He comes by the name of Sparky.
7. The text is an example of ..... text
  A. Tale
  B. Narrative
  C. Argument
  D. New Item
  E. Descriptive

8. The paragraph above tells about....

  A. Pet
  B. Lost dog
  C. Lost friend
  D. A new dog
  E. The color of dog

Yesterday, “I woke up early this morning the I cleaned my bedroom, the I went to market to buy vegetables, the I played game with my brother”.
 9. The dog bit the old lady. The old lady .......
  A. Was bitten by the dog
  B. Bitten by the dog
  C. Is bit by the dog
  D. Was bit herself
  E. Was runaway

The sugar glider is a marsupial, just like the other Australia animals – the Kangaroo, the koala and the wombat for instant. The sugar glider is a possum – very similar to the tupai in Indonesia. It basically lives in trees. It eats leaves and fruit. However, the Australia sugar glider has a very special skill. It can jump from tree to tree like a tupai but it can also ‘sort of fly’ as well. In fact, it glides or terbang laying in Bahasa Indonesia. When it jumps from one tree to another it spreads its four legs out wide; and its extra skin also spreads out and function like a parachute.
 10. What does the text mainly tell us about?
  A. The koala
  B. The wombat
  C. The kangaroo
  D. The sugar glider
  E. Australian animals

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