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Contoh Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris

Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK

Keterangan Soal:
Kelas /Semester : Kelas XII / Genap
Jumlah Soal pilihan Ganda : 40 soal
Jumlah Soal Essay : 5 soal
1.   Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling  tepat pada soal pilihan ganda, dengan menghitamkan (•) pada A, B, C, D, atau E pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia!
2.      Jawablah dengan tepat soal uraian pada lembar jawab uraian.
A.     Pilihan ganda
1. Boy : I haven't told you what happened yet, have I?
    Girl  : I haven't heard anything.
    Boy : It’s a good news. Finally I made it. I get a free college in the US this year.
    Girl  : Are you serious?
    Boy : Yes, I get this from the American Sheep Industry Association. I am really excited.
    Girl  : That's great. Congratulations.

What are the speakers talking about?
A.    Colleges in the US.
B.     Scholarship in America.
C.     Sheep Industry in the US.
D.    Sheep Industry Association.
E.     The American Sheep Industry.
2.  Salesgirl      : May I help you, madam ?
Mrs. Smith  : Yes, thanks. I want this pair of high heels for my niece. Are these available
   in size 6 ?
Salesgirl      : I'm sorry, madam. They are all sold out. This happens to be the most popular
  design in our store. However, we have other equally beautiful designs in size
  6. What about this pair ?
Mrs. Smith  :Thanks, but I don't fancy the color.
Where does the conversation take place?
A.    At a map store.
B.     At a shoe store
C.     At a book store.
D.    At a coffee shop.
E.     At a clothing store.

3.  Man      :  What do you think about Semarang?
Woman :  I feel at home here. Food and clothes are very cheap and it’s easy to travel around the city.
Man      :  What do you think about the idea that there are too many people living in Semarang?
Woman : I don’t think so. There are a lot of people but the city is always busy and exciting.
What is the woman’s opinion of Semarang?
A.    It’s a comfortable place to live.
B.     It isn’t easy to travel around the city.
C.     There are too many people in Semarang.
D.    The city isn’t always busy and exciting.
E.     Food and clothes are dear in Semarang.
4. Harry           : Pass the dessert, please.
Cathy          : Here you are, Harry.
Harry          : Hmm…………….
Cathy          : Are you enjoying the dessert?
Harry          : I never have tasted such delicious cake!
Cathy          : Thanks.
What does the man probably say to compliment?
A.   You are my best friend.
B.    I never find someone like you.
C.    Let me know where I can buy the cake.
D.   You are the best cook I never find before.
E.    This cake must be a very expensive one.
5. Lintang        : Hey guys! What are you going to do?
Mayrna       : I am  going to water my flowers! Then, I must take my mother to see the doctor. She got  headache.
Lintang       : …and let me help you water your flowers.
Mayrna       :Sure. It’s very kind of you. You can take the water over there.
What is the possible expression Lintang can give a suggestion?
A.  I will be glad to do that.
B.   Okay, you can do whatever you want to.
C.   That’s the child’s responsibility to the mother.
D.  I appreciate you for caring and respecting your mother.
E.   Why don’t you take your mother to a doctor as a priority.
6. Bob   : Dad says there is a world map in here somewhere. If you come across the map, give it to me.
Ken  : All right. I wonder whose old letters these are?
Bob  : Don't throw them away. They're grandma's. Grandpa used to drop her a line every week when they were courting.
Ken  : Are you serious? I can't imagine grandpa was so romantic.
Bob  : ….
What does Bob probably respond?
A.    No. that’s not true. Ask grandma if you don't believe me.
B.     Yes. It's true. If you don't believe me, don’t ask grandma.
C.     No. It’s true. If you don't believe me, ask grandma.
D.    Yes. It's true. If you believe me, don’t ask grandma.
E.     Yes. It's true. If you don't believe me, ask grandma.
7. Susan     : Hi, Bryan, how are you ?
Bryan    : Hi, Susan. I’m fine, thanks. Did you go to school yesterday?
Susan    : Yeah, I went to school yesterday.
Bryan    : Could you give me the assignments from English class?
Susan    : Didn’t you go to school yesterday?
Bryan    :  ….
What does Bryan  probably reply?
A.       Yes, of course. I didn't feel like it.
B.        I didn't want to, so I didn't do that.
C.        No, I want to go to the movies instead.
D.       I couldn't go to school because I was sick.
E.        Yes, I should have gone to school yesterday.
From the photo caption, we know the problem is that …. .
A.   students’ laziness must be eradicated
B.    there were ashes spread out to a school yard
C.    the school became very dirty after the sandstorm
D.   there has been forest fires causing ash rain in Karo
E.    the volcano threw out ashes covering the school yard
The following text is for no. 9.

Fort Knox, Kentucky, is the site of a U.S. army post, but it is even more renowned for the Fort Knox Bullion Depository, the massive vault that contains the bulk of the U.S. government’s gold deposits. Completed in 1936, the vault is housed in a two-story building constructed of granite, steel, and concrete; the vault itself is made of steel and concrete and has a door that weighs more than twenty tons. Naturally, the most up-to-date security devices available are in place at Fort Knox, and the army post nearby provides further protection.

9. Which picture goes with the above text?

This text is for questions 10 to 11.


Good morning! October is National Anti –Bullying Month. We here, Golden Valley school, are committed to creating a school where everyone feels welcome, but we can’t do it alone. The truth is that you students are the ones who can accomplish that. I’m challenging each of you to reach out and do one act of kindness for someone at school. It’ll make a difference.

10. The announcement is mostly concerned with ....
A.    Golden Valley school.
B.     School activities in October.
C.     Morning activities in school.
D.    National Anti –Bullying Month.
E.     Daily activity in Golden Valley school.
11. The announcement is addressed to the … in Golden Valley school.
A.    principal
B.     students
C.     teachers
D.    parents
E.     staff
This text is for questions 12 to 13.
Some snakes aren't dangerous to humans but some exceptions include the rattlesnake, coral snake, water moccasin and copperhead can be very dangerous. Their bites can be life-threatening.
If you are bitten by a venomous snake, call your local emergency number immediately, especially if the area is painful , changes color or begins to swell. Many emergency rooms stock anti venom drugs, which may help you.
If possible, take these steps while waiting for medical help. You must remain calm and move beyond the snake's striking distance. First, remove jewelry and tight clothing before you start to swell and position yourself, if possible, so that the bite is at or below the level of your heart. After that, clean the wound, but don't flush it with water and then cover it with a clean, dry dressing.
You must remember not to use a tourniquet or apply ice and not to drink caffeine or alcohol, which could speed your body's absorption of venom. Don’t cut the wound or attempt to remove the venom. And don't try to capture the snake. Try to remember its color and shape so that you can describe it, which will help in your treatment.
12.  The text is mostly useful in a condition when ….
A.       you get venomous snakes.
B.        you get bitten by any snakes.
C.        a poisonous snake bites you.
D.       there is a snake's striking distance.
E.        your body starts to swell because of snakes
13.  What should you do to help in your treatment if you are bitten by a venomous snake?
A.       Flush it with water and then cover it with a clean, dry dressing.
B.        Take anti venom drugs which may help you.
C.        Cut the wound to remove the venom.
D.       Try to remember its color and shape.
E.        Try to capture the snake.
This text is for questions 14 to 15.

Trust Line cordially invites you to attend a morning seminar to learn how you can predict the trends that will assist your clients with the success of their investments.

To reserve a seat, fill out the attached card and mail it with your registration fee.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about the resources that drive successful fiduciary service management firms.

For further information,
please call 676-9980

14. Who would be likely to attend the seminar?
A.    A lawyer.
B.     A manager.
C.     A private investor.
D.    An investment advisor.
E.     A newspaper publisher.
15. “Don’t miss this chance to learn about the resources that drive successful fiduciary service management firms.”
Fiduciary  means a person ….
A.    appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of the will.
B.     appointed by a court to assume responsibility
C.     appointed by a courtto distribute the estate.
D.    to whom property or power is entrusted.
E.     who manages propertyor other affairs.
This text is for question numbers 16 and 17.

To fill this semester vacation, there will be excursing program to Pulau Seribu held by The SMANSA Students Board. The program will be held on December 23, 2017. There will be interesting programs during the excursion. Please be registered before December 20, 2017. For detailed information, please contact Adinda, the program coordinator, at 08577846817.

16. The purpose of the text is ....
A.    to describe vacation program.
B.    to tell about Students Board activity.
C.    to inform about Students Board activity.
D.    to announce students excursion to Pulau Seribu.
E.    to introduce new program of the Students Board.
17. When is the due date of the registration?
A.    on December 20, 2017.
B.    on December 23, 2017.
C.    before December 20, 2017.
D.    after December 23, 2017.
E.    before December 23, 2017.
This text is for question numbers 18 - 20.

Should People Shop in Online Shop?

Nowadays, the activity of online shopping has risen steadily around the world. It has become a new lifestyle for people in modern city since 21St century. Even though there are still many people who prefer buying their daily needs in a market to shopping online, shopping online for certain people has more advantages than its drawbacks.

There are strong arguments in favour of online shopping. For some people, particularly working people, they argue that the existence of online shop is very utilitarian in their life. That is because they do not have to go to a market which they may spend much time. Moreover, online shop has offered many types of goods that customer can buy, so they have many preferences to select the best ones.

Furthermore, nowadays, there have been many online shops which put some buyer testimonies on their websites. If customers feel worried about the quality of goods, they can see and read some testimonies concerning the quality of those goods. Therefore, with the presence of testimony, consumers can easily determine whether the quality of goods is decent or not.

In conclusion, online shopping has advantages and merits for many people. Thus, people can utilize online shopping as new lifestyle due to its benefits.

18. This passage is mainly concerned with ....
A.    the arguments about online shopping
B.    the easiness given by online shopping
C.    the new lifestyle among carrier woman
D.    the rise of online shopping around the world
E.    the supportive arguments on online shopping
19.    Based on the text, which of the following are reason why people choose online shopping?
A.    the high price
B.    can be done everywhere
C.    the limited kind the goods
D.    the laziness of the customer
E.    the practicality of transaction
20.    “Therefore, with the presence of testimony, consumers can easily determine whether the quality of goods is decent or not.” (paragraph 3)
The underlined word may be best replaced by ....
A.    considerable
B.    respectable
C.    acceptable
D.    credible
E.    reliable
This text is for questions  21 to 22
The Good Man and The Tiger
One day, while walking along the road, a good man saw a caged tiger. 
“Would you please let me out so that I may drink a little water?”, the tiger said to the man. 
“Oh,  no,” said the man. 
“ If I open the cage you will eat me.” 
“ I promise I won’t eat you, ”said the tiger. 
At last the man opened the cage. As soon as he was set free he said,” I will eat you first and drink the water after my meal.”
“It wouldn’t be fair,” said the good man. Let’s ask the first tree or animal we meet. If they all say you ought to kill me I will be your meal.” 
The tiger agreed, so the two walked along the road till they came to a tall tree. The good man told the tree how he had set the tiger free. ”Now the tiger wants to kill me,” he added. 
“I have known men who, after resting in the shade of my leaves, tear my branches to the ground. The tiger has the right to kill you, said the tree. “Ah!” cried the tiger. “Do you hear that, friend?” Next they met a camel. After hearing the whole story the camel said that the tiger had the right to kill the man because all men are cruel. “When I was young and could carry heavy loads, I was well cared for, but now I am beaten and left without food.” 
 “Just wait a minute,” said the good man. 
“we have still to get another answer.” 
After a while they met a jackal. The man narrated the story, and the jackal stood pondering, looking very wise indeed. At last he said, “Before I can tell you what I think , show me the spot where you met.” 
“I think you said you were in the cage”, said the jackal to the tiger. ”Yes, I was standing with my head turned this way’, cried the tiger jumping into the cage. He felt sure that the jackal would say he ought to do so. “Was the door of the cage open or shut?” “Of course shut and bolted, said the tiger. 
“Like this?” asked the jackal as he bolted the door. The tiger found himself imprisoned again. 
“This good man set you free, and you wanted to kill him for his kindness.”
 Stay there forever. I will warn everyone not to open the cage,” said the jackal.
21.  What can be inferred from the story?
A.    The tiger was helpful
B.     The jackal was a brilliant animal
C.     The camel had got a lot of food
D.    The man ran away after releasing the tiger
E.     The tree forbade the tiger to kill the man
22.  The story would like to tell us  that ...
A.    One has to learn how to thank others
B.     One is not allowed to open any cages that keep animal inside
C.     Everyone has to look wise just as a jackal does
D.    One is supposed to play a trick on others
E.     One is never too late to release an animal from a cage
Questions no. 23 and 24 are based on the following text.
Matilda Moreno,
Human Resource Director
Milestone Marketing, Inc.
1476 Honeycutt Avenue

Dear Ms. Moreno,

I am writing in response to your ad in last Sunday’s newspaper. I am interested in applying for the marketing research assistant position. I have the background and abilities you are looking for. I have recently graduated from a four-year university program with a degree in Marketing.

My work experience include three months working as an intern for a local marketing firm, so I have on-the-job marketing experience in addition to my university training. I have also worked for the past two years as a part-time office manager while going to school. My experience at this job allowed me to develop important managerial and organizational skills.

I am enclosing my resume and three letters of reference. I believe I am a good match for your company. I look forward to hearing from you.


Samuel Rutherford

23.  According to the text, which of the following statements is TRUE about the applicant?
A.   He had experience as a researcher in local marketing firm.
B.    He has graduated from a university since four years ago.
C.    He submitted three letters of reference and also his resume.
D.   He never developed important managerial and organizational skill.
E.    He has not worked for the past two years as a part-time office manager.
24.  How do you compare the ideas in paragraph 1 and 2?
A.   Unlike the first paragraph, the second paragraph tells about the applicant’s education.
B.    Unlike the second paragraph, the first paragraph best describes the applicant’s skill.
C.    Both paragraph 1 and 2 do not explain the applicant’s personalities in detail.
D.   Paragraph 1 tells about the applicant working experience in many companies.
E.    Paragraph 2 describes how the applicant is interested in the opportunity.

This text is for questions 25 to 27
The Geophysics,Climatology, and Meteorology Agency has forecasted that the rainy season will start late in most parts of Indonesia this year.
Soeroso Hdiyant, the deputy of the climatology division, said the rainy season would begin in November in many areas of the country. “The rainy season will be late by about 10 to 30 days. It will start in September in some areas like Aceh and and the middle of sumatera,”he said. In October the rainy season will start in most part of West java and someparts of Bali. Some of the eastern parts of the country, including East Flores in Nusa Tenggra and Merauke in Papua will see the beginning of rainy season in Descember. Southern part of Jakrta will see the rainy season in early November while the northern parts will experience it in late November or early December.
“The late rainy season is influenced by,among other things, the El Nino phenomenon and sea temperatures around Indonesia,” Soeroso said, adding that last year, the wet season began in Octoberin most areas of the country. 
25.  What is the topic of this text?
A.    the late wet season
B.     the late weather forecast
C.     the climatology division
D.    the El Nino phenomenon
E.     sea temperature around Indonesia
26.  The main idea of paragraph 3 is ...
A.    the start of rainy season in Indonesin
B.     the regions  that will get late rainy sason
C.     the factors that influence the late rainy season.
D.    the forecast of the GCM  agency about bad weather
E.     the information from the GCM agency about the season
27.  The Geophysics, Climatology and  Meteorology Agency has forecasted that the rainy seasonwill start late in most parts of Indonesia this year.   
The underlined word has the similar meaning to ...
A.    declared
B.     predicted
C.     indicated
D.    displayed
E.     predicated
This text is for questions 28 to 30
The Jakarta Post. Tsunami is a series of ocean waves that sends surges of water, sometimes reaching heights of over 100 feet (30.5 meters), onto land. These walls of water can cause widespread destruction when they crash ashore.
These awe-inspiring waves are typically caused by large, undersea earthquakes at tectonic plate boundaries. When the ocean floor at a plate boundary rises or falls suddenly, it displaces the water above it and launches the rolling waves that will become a tsunami.
Most tsunami, about 80 percent, happen within the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," a geologically active area where tectonic shifts make volcanoes and earthquakes common.
Tsunamis may also be caused by underwater landslides or volcanic eruptions. They may even be launched, as they frequently were in Earth's ancient past, by the impact of a large meteorite plunging into an ocean.
Tsunamis race across the sea at up to 500 miles (805 kilometers) an hour about as fast as a jet airplane. At that pace they can cross the entire expanse of the Pacific Ocean in less than a day. And their long wavelengths mean they lose very little energy along the way.
A tsunami's trough, the low point beneath the wave's crest, often reaches shore first. When it does, it produces a vacuum effect that sucks coastal water seaward and exposes harbour and sea floors. This retreating of sea water is an important warning sign of a tsunami, because the wave's crest and its enormous volume of water typically hit shore five minutes or so later. Recognizing this phenomenon can save lives.
A tsunami is usually composed of a series waves, called a wave train, so its destructive force may be compounded as successive waves reach shore. People experiencing a tsunami should remember that the danger may not have passed with the first wave and should await official word that it is safe to return to vulnerable locations.
Some tsunamis do not appear on shore as massive breaking waves but instead resemble a quickly surging tide that inundates coastal areas.
28.  Why did the author write the text?
A.    To inform people about the different types of tsunami.
B.     To warn people about the dangers of tsunami.
C.     To warn people about an upcoming tsunami.
D.    To raise people' awareness about tsunami.
E.     To inform people about past tsunamis.
29.  Tsunamis are usually the result of ...
A.    The sudden rise or fall of ocean floors
B.     Pacific Oceans "Ring of Fire"
C.     The awe-inspiring waves
D.    Volcanoes
E.     Landslides
30.  From the text, we know that Tsunami can be very destructive because ...
A.    They come after earthquakes
B.     They are caused by volcanic eruptions
C.     They are tall, fast, forceful and repetitive
D.    They have a vacuum effect
E.     They occur suddenly
         This text is for questions numbers 31 - 33.

Lately, concerns have arisen that Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and its immediate surroundings are threatened to experience a clean water crisis by 2025. Clean water, which is produced by two private operators – PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Palyja) and Aetra Air Jakarta – currently totals 18.7 m3 per second. However, by 2025, demand for clean water will reach 41.3 m3/second as the population of Jakarta is estimated to grow to 14.6 million people from 9.6 million currently (the unofficial figure is possibly much higher).

It has been reported that city-owned property developer Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) and city-owned developer Pembangunan Jaya will acquire a combined 100 percent stake in Palyja. If the Jakarta administration has a direct stake in the city water operators, it will increase public supervision on the local clean water industry.

PAM Lyonnaise Jaya, which manages the clean water supply in the west side of Jakarta, is a private water operator that is partly controlled by Astra International through its subsidiary Astratel Nusantara. Palyja has been active in Jakarta for about 16 years. However, last year a law suit was filed demanding that the court will annul the agreement between city water operator PAM Jaya and Palyja and Aetra Air Jakarta (Aetra) claiming that public access to affordable clean water has been hindered.

Based on information from the World Bank, Indonesia plans to achieve universal clean water access by 2019 but almost half of the population still do not have access to clean water at present.

31.  What is the text about? It’s about ....
A.    the growth of water supply
B.    PAM Lyonnaise Jaya
C.    clean water industry
D.    city water operators
E.    clean water crisis
32.  What is predicted to happen in 2025?
A.    Public access to affordable clean water will be hundred.
B.    Indonesia to achieve universal clean water access.
C.    There will be more water supply operators.
D.    The demand for clean water will decrease.
E.    Jakarta will experience water crisis.
33.  Paragraph  one discusses ...
A.    the demand for clean water.
B.    clean water crisis in Jakarta in 2025.
C.    the rapid growth of Jakarta population.
D.    the production of clean water in Jakarta.
E.    two private operators producing clean water.
This text is for questions numbers 34 and 35.

Indonesian Tourism Industry Association Bali offers free accommodation

Jakarta | Tue, November 28, 2017 |
12:35 pm

Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Bali is offering free accommodation for stranded tourists at the Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali that has been closed since Nov. 27 due to volcanic ash from Mount Agung.

“Not a single tourist should stay overnight at the airport, GIPI Bali together with Badung regional administration is providing free accommodation for tonight and tomorrow, if the airport remains closed,” said GIPI Bali head, Gus Agung

“We’ve set aside two billion rupiahs for two nights, one room is allocated for two guests,” Gus added.

The accommodation also includes breakfast.

In the era of social media, Gus Agung mentioned, unsatisfied tourists are free to express their frustrations. “But if they are served well with respect, they will also post their happiness amid the panicky situation,” he added.

Tourism minister Arief Yahya praised GIPI Bali for initiative, “What is being done by the Badung regency and GIPI Bali is very good. This is what we call a long-term investment,” he said.

The two billion rupiahs is relatively small compared to Badung’s average Locally-Generated Income (PAD) in a year that is at seven trillion rupiahs.

34.  The writer’s intention in writing the above text is ....
A.    to tell that people are panic because of the ash
B.    to tell the audience about some new worthy
C.    to describe the situation due to volcanic ash
D.    to tell the audience free accommodation
E.    to describe the panicky situation
35.  From the text we may conclude that ....
A.    all tourists should stay overnight at the airport
B.    tourists should stay overnight because of the ash
C.    the fund allocated for serving the tourists is reasonable
D.    GIPIBali and Badung regency have served the tourists well
E.    unsatisfied tourists expresses their frustration in social media
This text is for questions 36 to 38
Essential Substances in Healthy food: Bali Orange
Healthy food, for instance, Bali Orange, contains some nutrition that is necessary not only for brain but also for our body. The nutrition are essential organic substances i.e. calcium, phosphor, iron, copper, natrium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur and iodine. There are great deals of alibis for this.

First, calcium is essential for human bones and teeth. It can be obtained from vegetables. Similar to that, phosphor is essential for human body. It arranges oxidation and support bones and teeth growth. It can be obtained from milk, meat, peas and fish.

Moreover, iron is also imperative. It functions as the instrument to carry oxygen. Copper is needed for some oxidation. For instance, it is useful in hemoglobin construction.

Beside that, natrium has an important role. It arranges osmosis pressure and body liquid neutrality.  Potassium has the same important thing with natrium. It also keeps osmosis pressure.
In addition, chlorine sets up gastric chloride. It regulates electrolyte balance. Next, sulfur is needed by all cells.

At last, iodine constructs tyrosine hormone. It prevents our body from aneurysm.
Therefore, those nine organic substances that exist in Bali Orange are essential for human brain and body.
36.  What is the purpose of the text?
A.    To persuade the readers that we should eat Bali orange
B.     To convince the readersthe substances in Bali Orange
C.To inform the readers that healthy food is necessary for growing up
D.    To discuss that Bali orange has positive and negaive effects to our body
E.     To tell the readers that substances in Bali orange are essential for human brain and body.
37.  Which statement is not true according to the text?
A.    All cells in our body need sulfur
B.     Iron is useful in hemoglobin construction
C.     Natrium can be obtained from vegetables.
D.    Milk, meat, peas and fish are source of phosphor
E.     Tyrosine hormone prevents our body from aneurysm
38.  What kind of organic substances support bones and teeth growth?
A.    Iron and Copper
B.       Calcium and iron
C.        Natrium and phosphor
D.    Calcium and phosphor
E.        Natrium and potassium
This song text is for questions 39 to 40
We are the World    (Michael Jackson)
There comes a time
When we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And it's time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all
We can't go on
Pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We are all a part of
God's great big family
And the truth, you know love is all we need
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me
Send them your heart
So they'll know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stone to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand
39.  What is the topic of the song above?
A.    Dead people anywhere
B.     Changing world with our power
C.     Being a part of community in the world
D.    The advantage of being the world community
E.     The importance of having a good relationship to others
40.  What can we learn from the song above? We have to ...
A.    help each other
B.     care our children
C.     help dying people
D.    be generous people
E.     ignore others sometimes
41.    Read the following text and answer the question.

When we had a holiday last year, my family and I went to a place at the seaside and borrowed a boat from one of our friends. We sailed and finished on the sea all day.

When the sea was rough, we sailed on a small lake near the sea instead. There were not many fish in the lake, but in the sea we caught a lot with a hook, line and small pieces of bread.

When the weather was fine, we collected pieces of dried wood and fired or grilled our fish over them on the beach.

         What kind of experience did the writer have in the text?
42. Complete the following caption with the correct preposition.

We can’t blame children(a) … occupying themselves (b)…. Facebook rather than playing (c)…
  the mud. Our society doesn’t put a priority (d)…  connecting with nature. In fact we tell them it’s dirty and dangerous.
43. Arrange these jumbled paragraphs into a good text.

(A). On 17 August 1954, a National Monument Committee was established and a design competition was held in 1955. This attracted 51 entries, but only one design, by Frederich Silaban, met any of the criteria determined by the committee.

(B). Silaban refused to design a smaller monument, suggesting that construction be delayed until the Indonesian economy improved. Sukarno then asked the architect R.M. Soedarsono to continue with the design.

( C ). The construction of Monas proceeded in three stages. Monas was officially opened to  public on 12 July 1975.The location of Monas is known as Merdeka Square.

( D ). After the Indonesian government returned to Jakarta from Yogyakarta in 1950 following the Dutch recognition of Indonesian independence, President Sukarno began to contemplate the construction of a national monument on the square in front of the Presidential Palace.

( E ) . Silaban was asked to show his design to Sukarno. However, Sukarno did not like the design as he wanted the monument to be in the form of a linga and yoni. Silaban was asked to design such a monument, but his design was so large that it would be unaffordable because of the economic conditions at the time.

44. Situation:
      Mina is studying for the final exam, but she cannot concentrate well. Harry tries to give her suggestion and offer to make the situation better.
Construct a dialogue between both of them. The first exchange has been done for you. Add four more exchanges to complete the dialog.
Mina: It’s a hot day today, isn't it ? I find it difficult to concentrate on my studies.
Harry: ___________ 1 ____________ ( to suggest ).
Mina : ___________ 2 ____________ ( to reply ).
Harry: ___________ 3 ____________ ( to offer )
Mina : ___________ 4 ____________ ( to accept the offer )
45.  Observe this picture. What is your opinion about this problem? Elaborate your answer.

I. Pilihan Ganda

















































































 II. Essay
41.  The writer had a holiday. He  sailed on the sea and on a small lake near the sea, caught fish and enjoyed them after he fired and grilled them
42. a. for          b. with             c.  in                d. on
43. D – A – E – B – C 
44. any possible answer

45. any possible answer

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