[Paket B] Soal PAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris wajib kelas 10 SMA/MA. Soal ulangan Bahasa Inggris wajib kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester 1. Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK. Paket Soal Soal Ujian Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK.

Pada postingan kali ini kami akan membagikan sebuah paket soal yang berisi soal PAS Bahasa Inggris untuk siswa Kelas 10 SMA/MA/SMK semester ganjil atau gasal.
Soal yang kami bagikan ini merupakan soal yang telah diujikan pada penilaian akhir semester ganjil tahun kemarin. Alhasil, soal ini masih layak kawan-kawan gunakan sebagai bank soal atau sebagai media berlatih dan melatih kemampuan bahasa inggris kawan-kawan semuan.
Mengapa demikian? Ini dikarenakan soal bahasa inggris di bawah ini telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban pada setiap nomor. Jadi, kawan-kawan semua bisa belajar sambil menjawab soal-soal yang telah kami sediakan. Silakan perhatikan soal soal berikut.

Choose the correct answer  A, B, C, D or E!
1.      Bob    : Sony, will you give me that book?
Sony   :  sure, ......
Complete the dialogue above with right expression......
A.    I don’t want to
B.     I am busy today
C.    I will
D.    I will not
E.     I have to go
2.      Marta   : it’s very hot here....
Sinta     :  Sure, no problem
The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ......
A.    Could you close the door?
B.     Would you mind if i turn on the fan?
C.     Would you turn off the fan?
D.    May I leave now?
E.     Would you mind if I sell the fan?
baca juga:
Woman  :  Wait for me, Aldi!
Man        :  Hi, dina. What’s wrong?
Woman  :  I saw your name on the list. Finally, you join in the main team. Congrats!
Man        :  ..............
What is the most appropiate response to say next?
A.    You are woderfull
B.     Well done1 You did it.
C.    Thank you very much.
D.    I hope you like it.
E.     It’s no problem.
This text is for questions 4-5.
        Hello, Everyone. My name is Ratna Kusuma. I’m sixteen years old. I live on Anggrek Street number 34. I’m the oldest of three siblings. I have one brother and one sister. My hobby is singing. My future goal is to be a singer. That’s all about me. Thank you

4.      What can we learn from the text?
A.    She is a singer.
B.     She has two siblings.
C.     Her age is 60 years old.
D.    She has an older brother.
E.     She lives far from her parents.
5.      “I live on Anggrek Street number 34.”
What question is appropriate for information above?
A.    How old are you?
B.     Where do you go?
C.    Where do you live?
D.    Where do you study?
E.     What do yo do there?
This text is for questions 6-7
        Dear Aries,
Congratulations on your Success!
Finally you can be the best student in our school.

baca juga: 
According to the card, what is the relationship between Yannie and Aries?
A.    They are siblings.
B.     They are cousins.
C.     They are old friends.
D.    They are schoolmates.
E.     They are teacher and student.
7.      We know from the card that Yannie congratulates Aries because he....
A.    Passed his exam.
B.     Became a class leader.
C.     Won a student competition.
D.    Was chosen as the best student.
E.     Was the representative of his school match.
This text is for questions 8-10
    I’m going to finish my English classes in three semesters. I’m taking a grammar class this summer.  I registered for it last week. I’m taking only one class this summer.  In the fall. I’m going to take reading and conversation classes. I’m also going to take another grammar class. Three classes will be a lot of work, so i’m not going to work full-time. That will give me time for my homework at night. I’m also going to save all my money this summer. That will help. There will be an online writing class     in the spring. I hope to take that class. It will be my first online class. I will also need to take one more reading class. That will be my last English class.
8.      What is the writer’s plan?
A.    To finish her study as soon as possible.
B.     To take a grammar class in this semester.
C.     To find much money to pay her school fee.
D.    To study and work part-time during summer.
E.     To finish her English classes in three semesters.
9.      From the text, we jnow that the writer....
A.    Quit from her work
B.     Has holidays during summer.
C.     Finish  her English class this spring.
D.    Registered for grammar class last week.
E.     Didn’t pass her English class for the last semester.
baca juga: 
What is the writer going to take online in the spring?
A.    Writing class.
B.     Reading class.
C.     Speaking class.
D.    Grammar class.
E.     Listening  class.
This text is for questions 11-13.
        Dear Tono,
Congratulations on your graduation! You did it well. 
Wishing you all the best in the wonderful. Career you have chosen. 
I’m so happy for you. 

11.  From the card, we know that the writer congratulates Tono for his....
A.    Winning.
B.     New job.
C.    Graduation.
D.    Engagement.
E.     Achievement.
12.  Which sentences shows compliment?
A.     Gratefully.
B.     You did it well.
C.     I’m so happy foryou.
D.    Congratulations on your graduations!
E.     Wishing you all the best in the wonderful career yo have chosen.
13.  What does the writer wish for Tono?
A.    Tono can graduate as soon as possible.
B.     Tono’s career will be successful.
C.     Tono will get a new job again.
D.    Tono can continue his study.
E.     Tono won’t leave his career.
This text is for questions 14-16
        Hello, My name is Saskia. I’m 15 years old. I study at SMA Nusa Bhakti. I live in Bintoro number 5. I have two older sisters. My hobby is playing badminton. I have Joined a badminton club since two years ago. I have participated in Junior Badminton competition twicw. I became the runner-up in my second competition.
            My dreams is  to be a badminton athlete.
baca juga: Soal PAS Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 10 Semester Ganjil SMA/MA/SMK

What does the text tell about?
A.    Saskia.
B.     SMA Nusa Bhakti.
C.     A badminton club.
D.    A badminton athlete.
E.     The writer’s  dream.
15.  How old is the writer?
A.    Fifteen years old.
B.     Twelve years old.
C.     Sixteen years old.
D.    Thirteen years old.
E.     Fourteen years old.
16.  What is the writer’s ambition?
A.    To be the runner-up
B.     To win the competition.
C.     To be a football player.
D.    To be a badminton player.
E.     To participate in the competition.
 This text is for question 17-20.
        Way Kambas National Park is located in Lampung Province, South Sumatra, Indonesia. This National Park is consisting of forest and preservation for sumatran tigers and elephant sanctuary. This park also becomes a breeding center or Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) that has been build up in 1995. Here, visitors can observe Elephants perform various tasks such as transporting lumbrt or plowing fields. 
        They can also perform peculiar activities such as playing football or other Entertaining performances.  Way Kambas national park is also a representative of The lowland forest ecosystem consisting of freshwater swamp forest, meadow grass And coastal forests in Sumatra.
17.  What is the purpose of the text?
A.    To describe Way Kambas National Park.
B.     To explain how to get Way Kambas National Park.
C.     To retell past experience in Way Kambas National Park.
D.    To persuade the readers to go to Way Kambas National Park.
E.     To discuss the good and the bad of Way Kambas National Park.
18.  Where is it located?
A.    Aceh
B.     Lampung.
C.     Sumbawa.
D.    West Java.
E.     West Sumatra.
19.  What animals are preserved in this National Park?
A.    Sumatran rhinos, kangaroos and komodo dragons.
B.     Sumatran orangutans, sumatran elephants and sumatran rhinos.
C.     Elephants, sumatran elephants, and sumatran orangutans.
D.    Sumatran tigers, elephants and sumatrab rhinos.
E.     Komodo dragons, javanican rhinos and suntran tigers.
20.  “ They can also perform Peculiar activities such as playing football......
The underlined word has similiar in meaning to....
A.    Ordinary
B.     Common
C.     Abnormal
D.    Indefinite
E.     Distinctive
This text is for question 23-25.
        My classroom is very big. There are twenty classroom and forty chairs for students. The teacher’s table is in front of the classroom. The teacher sit behind the table. Behind her is the whiteboard. Beside the whiteboard ia a map of Indonesian archipelago . Under the map, there is a bookshelf. There are two windows in the room. Between the windows is a picture of Prambanan Temple. I like my classroom
very much.
24.  Where does the teacher sit?
A.    In front of the classroom
B.     Behind the whiteboard
C.    Behind the table
D.    Under the map
E.     Behind the whiteboard
25.  Does the writer like his class very much?
A.    No, it is not
B.     Yes, it is
C.     Yes, I am
D.    Yes, he is
E.     Yes, thanks

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